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Speak Your Future, Direct Your Future

John Eyres presents “Speak Your Future, Direct Your Future”. John shares the power of speaking out loud what you want to have. The importance of writing our goals down, and speaking them aloud on daily basis; affirming the law of attraction.
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The Power of Words

Andy Magnus presents “The Power of Words”. Words are the building blocks of our communication not only with other people, groups and the world but also with ourselves. Too often we throw our words around without considering the potential impact of a particular word or phrase. The way that we choose our words can change…
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Business APProved Educational Apps

Will Hanke presents “Business APProved – Educational Apps”. This quarter Will gives insight into apps that you can use to educate yourself and improve your business.
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Where Are You Going In 2021

Gail Moran presents “Where Are You Going In 2021”. What one change will you commit to make? What one thing will you commit to improve upon? What are you grateful for from this past year? How will you remain grateful for all things in 2021?
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How One Book Changed The Growth Of My Business

Richard Terry presents “How One Book Changed The Growth Of My Business”. Based on Michael Maher’s Seven Levels of Communication, Richard Terry reveals the key takeaways that he strategically implemented, and how his business continues to expand as a result.
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The Power Is The Mindset

Karen Fox  presents “The Power Is The Mindset”. Ever wonder why some who are not as smart or as creative as you are succeeding so much faster than you? The answer lies in the Psychology of Success.
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