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Karen Hoffman presents “Potential”. We don’t often see our own potential. Karen Hoffman is going to share tips for becoming more aware of the potential we possess and where our passions truly lie.
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Business Planning for 2022

Cathy Sexton presents “Business Planning for 2022”. Identifying what steps you need to make to achieve your dreams for the coming year.
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Using Humor In Your Presentations

Thad James presents “Using Humor In Your Presentations”. Jokes, puns, and anecdotes are excellent tools to connect to an audience. But they can be a verbal tightrope that can alienate your audience or insult the attendees. Learn some important tips and tricks for creating the proper atmosphere for your presentation. Understand the pros and cons…
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Pandemic Survival Action Plan

Dan Fazio presents “Pandemic Survival Action Plan”. Prep, Plan and Stress Less
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Business Tax Planning

Steve Denny presents “Business Tax Planning”. Preparing for your year-end, tax-planning meeting with your accountant.
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Customer Service: By the Numbers

Mark Brimer presents “Customer Service: By the Numbers”. Mark is going to share ideas on how to use the numbers to enhance customer service and increase sales.
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