Executing on a Plan for New Health Habits

Your subconscious mind computes 40 bits vs. 20 bits per second processed by your conscious mind. Create auto-pilot habits to dramatically improve your life.

Holistic chiropractic physician, Dr. Dan Fazio opens this team talk discussing the power of the subconscious mind referencing the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton. He explains that the rate of the subconscious mind is 500,000 times more capable of processing information than the conscious mind. This is why we need to form habits that will drive our behavior automatically.

Marketing and PR expert and Ironman athlete Scott Kolbe shares his before and after pictures and health profile, focusing on his holistic approach to becoming a happier and healthier person. Scott shares how strong he is growing and how many improvements he is experiencing because he has created new habits that shape significant positive changes.

Dr. Fazio continues the presentation by giving all participants the following important key habits for making lasting life-style changes. They include:

  1. Set a baseline and starting point
  2. Set priorities – Identify strengths and weaknesses
  3. Identify harmful patterns (Read the book Power of Habit) so you recognize cues and rewards but change the harmful habit for getting to the reward
  4. Condition your mind and body for success
  5. Reinforce your good decisions through neuroplasticity in which you connect the brain and the heart.

Both Scott and Dan end this presentation encouraging viewers to set up new habits, practice them consistently no matter what, and soon they become second-nature.

Dr. Dan Fazio is a wellness expert specializing in the proactive creation of health and prevention of disease. To get direct support from Dr. Fazio, email him at danielfaziodc@gmail.com or call him at 636-227-4442.

If you would like to know more about experiential branding, leveraging public relations, and creating a stage for your business that your customers will not forget, call KolbeCo and ask for Scott at 636.379.3895.


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