Effective Customer Surveys

Turn detractors into loyal promoters.  

Asking for and listening to the opinion of your customers is worth its weight in gold!

John Eyres is a business connections consultant and telemarketing guru. He opens his presentation in his trademark playful, humorous style. He quickly draws in the audience with his impassioned message to seek feedback from clients, something he says is “worth its weight in gold.” In this presentation, John provides the following nuggets:

  • Recognize the importance of surveying your customers
  • KISS: Keep your surveys short and simple
  • Only ask questions that fulfill a specific end goal
  • Construct smart, open-ended questions
  • Ask one question at a time enabling people to be successful in complying
  • Make rating scales consistent
  • Avoid leading and loaded questions
  • Start with simple questions and increase complexity
  • Know when to send a survey
  • Understand your survey data and how to respond to it
  • Disgruntled customers can move from detractors to loyal promoters

John ends his presentation talking about the book The Ultimate Question 2.0 by Fred Reichheld. He passionately promotes this book because it helps the reader to create a customer-centric business so clients become highly satisfied and employees know how to deliver effective customer service. He talks about the importance of understanding technology options and how to construct a good survey. Most of all, John leaves the audience fully aware of the value of being caring, connected, helpful, and responsive to others in business, in order to have the best customer service possible.

Telemarketing is often the toughest job for many organizations. John Eyres and his highly trained team get results. If you don’t want to do your sales calls yourself, let an expert help you sell your products and services. Contact John at johnweyres@aol.com or check out his website www.busconcon.com


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