7 Steps to a Badass Growth Funnel

Digital marketing automation expert Will Hanke starts at the top of the marketing and sales funnel process by focusing on how to draw awareness to your products and services and engage prospects through a wooing and courtship process. He helps viewers understand how to develop strategies that inspire serious consideration from prospects and lead to successful conversions with them.


In this video presentation, he describes how to:

  1. Get an audience – You need to understand your audience and how to attract prospects.
  1. Create a Lead Magnet: This is an irresistible bribe in which you offer value to get their email address and now that you have their information, you can educate them.
  1. Offer a tripwire: This is an offer in which money is exchanged. Offer something to those people who have engaged with the magnet. Give them an inexpensive option so they have paid something to receive value. (Exchange money for value)
  1. Nurture the relationship: Educate them. After you have the email, segment the audience and start to educate them. Use automation to nurture the relationship.
  1. Over-deliver: Give them more than they expected to get. Give a free bonus. Give them a free webinar.
  1. Introduce your Core Sale: Now you have already warmed yourself up to the people, you are able to move the conversation to a new level. Make sure you have call to action buttons in strategic places because they are important.
  1. Maximize the relationship: Once they are already doing business, make sure you leverage that by upselling to the customer.


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