7 Winning Secrets for Selling Services

"You'd really like my services! How can I make you understand what they are?"

Cynthia Correll is a communication architect and selling expert who provides tips for those businesses selling services. She points out the unique challenges in doing this, primarily because services are often abstract and expensive, requiring an extended sales cycle. We are often missing the foundation for successful sales. We must be able to communicate effectively. The seven steps she covers in this presentation include:

  1. Think differently about being a sales person; see that you are a problem-solver
  2. Shift perspectives from yours to the buyer so you are communicating to the client perspective
  3. Clarify the complex because people have information overload and we need to organize information so its easily digestible (e.g. one-page talk sheets)
  4. Make it tangible through fun, interesting products (e.g. postcard)
  5. Set expectations effectively so clients can see on a single form what you do and what they get from this and customize it for them so they get the value quickly (e.g. before and after)
  6. Offer a test drive by delivering a mini-experience (e.g. an assessment, webinar, brief workshop)
  7. Unbundle services so people can buy smaller services that are part of a value ladder in order to build momentum

Cynthia Correll ends her talk by describing the importance of clarity so that decision-making is made easier for your prospects and evokes in them the desire to buy from you. She supports you in understanding and communicating your value proposition. For help in your business, contact her at cynthia@cynthiacorrell.com or call her at 636.751.4144


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