A Snapshot or a Story

Marketing people don’t always agree…if you had just one tool to use to sell, would it be words or images?


Talk to some marketing people and they’ll tell you no one reads anymore, that all people want to see is a picture of whatever it is you sell.  Others tell you images you create in the mind of your prospects are much stronger than real images seen in print or on television.  The best way to create these mental images, they say, is through the skillful use of words.

If I had to choose one over the other – if I only had one tool I could use to sell, I would use words.  After all, there may not be a more powerful force on the planet than words.  Words can unite a nation, inspire confidence, cause men and women to willingly risk their lives for a cause, and move people to cry, laugh, or become blind with rage.

As the old proverb says – the tongue holds the power of life and death.

But, here’s the thing, why choose?  Why not use both words and pictures in your marketing and advertising pieces?

Why not create a look, feel, and message all communicating the same strong, believable story.  What should your strong, believable story be?  That you are the go-to company for whatever it is you sell to the market of your choice.

I’m not a graphic designer, nor an artist.  I’m a copywriter.  So, I have purposefully surrounded myself with great graphic designers.  I’ve been in the business long enough to know what is likely to work, and what won’t.  But, I’m never the one who creates the final layout, logo, or graphic piece.

My guess is that as a business owner, graphic design isn’t your thing (probably not writing either for that matter).

One of the absolutely most valuable things you could do for your business is partner with a great marketing person or team.  Someone who understands how to craft a message to move your prospects to take action, and who understands graphic design should further enforce your message or story.

So, which is more powerful a snap shot or a story?

The answer: the right combination of both is ultimately the most powerful.  A strong story, descriptive images, and a well-designed logo all mesh together to create a powerful marketing message.

Your logo is a picture of your message.  It’s the stamp, or seal communicating the essence or your story – your brand.