About e4e

Experts 4 Entrepreneurs is a premier community of entrepreneurs, committed to helping small business owners succeed and live their dream.

Taking your business into the stratosphere is not an easy task. Business owners wear many hats, but can’t be an expert in every area. Surrounding yourself with experts and other business owners can help you get to the next level faster, with less stress and without breaking the bank.

Our approach is built on five key principles:

  1. What you don't know will kill you: Unconscious incompetence is an invisible destroyer. You must discover and address your blind spots if you're going to succeed.
  2. Success isn't random: A "shoot from the hip" approach will rarely result in the kind of success you know you can enjoy. An organized approach to learning and change is imperative. You have to apply yourself to the right stuff first.
  3. Knowledge beats information: Information without application is ineffective. The amount of information out there is astounding, but it becomes overwhelming and impossible to use… unless you have a system. Information only becomes knowledge when it's applied.
  4. Causes Trump Symptoms: Treating symptoms is great for a short term fix but it's hell on long term success. Focusing on symptoms without addressing the cause will kill you. Tackling the cause head-on is the "big lever" that will produce success.
  5. Community is better than isolation: Business owners can be their own worst enemy. Independence is great, but you simply CAN'T master every aspect of business yourself. Business success requires expertise from others who have been there, done that.

Are you satisfied with results you're getting? Is your business giving you the life you imagined?

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