Are You Sabotaging Your Own Day?

Stop Sabotaging your day!

Consider the last time you drove to get office supplies. Did it bring you any new revenues or help you build your business?  Stop for a second and think of the cost to your bottom line when you spend your time doing anything that takes you away from what you do best and the activities most supportive to meeting your goals for your business.

What most people experience by neglecting to get adequate support purchasing their office supplies is a lack of productivity, a waste of gas and lost hours that could have been better spent developing their business, building client relations and running their staff. And while it’s possible you may have needed a break from work, wouldn’t it be a better use of your time  to jump on Linked in and make a few new connections, spend time developing your staff or deepening the relationships with your customers?

Do you remember times you felt frustration walking up and down the aisle of a supply store, wasting precious time trying to locate items and people who will give the personalized support you want and need, only to find you are in line behind the next guy. Need I go on?

Most business owners and executives suffer ineffective time management.  Too often, they do not delegate tasks to others that represent an inappropriate use of their time. You have unique strengths in your work; similarly helping you with your office supplies is my strength. It’s my passion and pleasure to fulfill this; my  JOB to support you and cater to you.  I love it when I save my customers time, money, and stress by providing all the printer cartridge and office supply items at the best price, delivered right to their door.  I experience great satisfaction when I see the look on the face of my customers when I consistently save them 10% or more off the retail price.  Sound like a wise business decision?  Kathleen, a client of mine recently said to me “It’s so easy working with your company! I order items and they just show up. When I need your help, I can always count on your excellent service.”

Do you like to be catered to?  Does it make sense to delegate the job of office supplies, including pricing, selection and delivery to your business, off your plate so you can focus on more important tasks? Better use of your time?

If so, email me at, go online and request a login at, or call me at 314-227-6771.

Problem solved!  Now all you have to do is decide how  you will best use all the time you just recovered?  So, stop sabotaging your day and choose instead to focus on your priorities. Let me be your partner and relieve some unnecessary stress.  Office Supply Solutions makes office supplies simple. Don’t waste another moment of your precious time: Call Now!