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November 2019 Sponsor: John Brandvein

John Brandvein, Brandvein & Company Founder Experienced…trustworthy…knowledgeable. Since 1994, Brandvein & Company, P.C. has been thinking outside the box when serving our client’s unique needs. The founder, John Brandvein, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), has been in public accounting since 1958. He also possesses credentials as both a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) and a Certified […]

August 2019 Sponsor: Cathy Sexton

Cathy Sexton The Productivity Experts work with Small Business owners who maybe caught in the "Time Clutter Syndrome" struggling to move their business forward, working too hard, not making the profit they desire, too many things getting stuck in the bottleneck, low productivity, not enough time, feel like they have don't have any balance in […]

May 2019 Sponsor: Bill & Ann Prenatt

Bill & Ann Prenatt, Simply Successful Simply Successful helps business owners and leaders save time and money by solving operations and talent management problems. We do this by using customized systems and solutions. To learn more, visit http://simplysuccessful-llc.com/

September Sponsor – Bob Zangas

Bob Zangas Anchor Health Care has been providing private duty home care service in the St. Louis Metropolitan area for over twenty -Five years. Our mission is to relieve the stress for children of the elderly who are working hard to fulfill their parents wishes to remain in their home. We do this by providing […]

April Sponsor – Marc Metz

Marc Metz, Optimus Sales Group powered by Sales Xceleration At Optimus Sales Group, we help company Presidents or CEO's of a small to medium size business with $ 1M to $ 25M in revenue that has reached the point where it has become difficult to grow their sales results without Experienced Sales Leadership and Oversight on […]

December 2017 Sponsor: Nicole Davis

Nicole Davis, Reliance Financial Services Reliance Financial Services provides financial analysis, consulting, divorce financial planning and forensic accounting services to a diverse group of clients in St. Louis, Missouri. We provide financial analysis and expertise to help our clients: • Investigate financial matters and develop solutions to address issues • Problem-solve and generate options overcoming disputes […]

January 2019 Sponsor: Richard Terry

Richard Terry, Accolade Kitchen & Bath Accolade Kitchen & Bath designs and installs luxurious and functional living spaces where my clients feel like they are on vacation. We accomplish this by turning their: Kitchens into gourmet playgrounds Bathrooms into spa-like retreats Closets into personal sanctuaries So, if you or your friends are feeling frustrated with […]

October 2017 Sponsor: Wendy Breese

Wendy Breese,  Lemongrass Spa I provide over 400 natural and organic skin care products for the entire family that are indulgent, purposeful and affordable. Our formulas contain beneficial organic essential oils, plant oils and botanical extracts for ultimate healing & health food for the skin! The products contain no harsh, toxic chemicals. Handcrafted items are […]

September 2017 Sponsor: Kristy Carder

Kristy Carder Enterprises, LLC Helping companies reinforce their brand through the use of Promotional Products, Apparel and Custom Gifts. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Kristy has helped thousands of companies increase sales and market awareness. Kristy will sit down with you - discuss your event, your goals, your target market, your […]

August 2017 Sponsor: Lori St. Clair

Lori St. Clair On Target for Profitable Growth is a CFO, accounting and bookkeeping outsource service that helps small- and medium-sized businesses reduce costs, streamline financial processes and pursue profitable growth. For more information, visit http://getontargetnow.com/

July 2017 Sponsor: Les Landes

Les Landes Les Landes is President of Landes & Associates, a management consulting firm that provides services in team/organizational planning, marketing and public/media relations, organizational communication, employee engagement, performance improvement systems, executive coaching and meeting facilitation. The firm serves clients in various industries, as well as government, education and non-profit organizations. For more information, visit http://www.landesassociates.com/

Video: How to Sell on LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides access to millions of affluent, executive and c-suite business owners. Learn how to leverage this powerful, rapidly growing social media outlet. Sales and marketing expert Josh Turner specializes in the use of LinkedIn and webinars to further the growth of many businesses. In this video presentation, he covers the following concepts: Why use […]

Video: Recipe for a Great Presentation

Presentations normally scare us even though they are the doorway leading to business, career and leadership opportunities. Get your recipe for confidence and success Speaker, author and presentation expert Fred Miller is as delicious in his speaking delivery as the cake he discusses and shows you at the opening of his presentation. He packs a […]

Nurturing Customer Relationships

Learn how and why specialized experts and business owners create habits to nurture and expand relationships with their existing customers. Serving customers and setting an intention to create a satisfying experience with them engenders ongoing loyalty and often-extraordinary results. Being grateful and mindful about your customers and attentive to their needs, translates into strong relationships […]

Video: Connecting

Expert promoter and master at connecting, Karen Hoffman shares her tips for how to ensure the connections you make with others count. Expert promoter and master at connecting, Karen Hoffman shares her tips for how to ensure the connections you make with others count. Her advice includes: Focus conversations on how you will work together […]

Asset Protection for Business Owners

Planning ahead for protection from creditors, predators, lawsuits and bankruptcy is critically important for business owners. These strategies require planning before your issues arise. All business owners’ deal with risks of legal action from employees, customers, and other third parties, but by planning ahead for those risks with the right legal tools, you can keep […]

Video: Brand Personas – What and Why

Creating Brand Personas can help build a stronger culture and brand for your business. Learn what larger corporations have been doing for quite some time now. What is a brand persona? A fictional profile of customer types written down in plain English. Why create Brand Personas? They help you understand your customers better. Instead of […]

Video: Keyword Research – What and Why

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is forgetting about Keyword Research before executing online marketing tactics. What is keyword research? It is research to find out how certain keywords will perform and generate traffic on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Why go through the trouble of keyword research? Google […]

How Long Could Your Business Survive Without Revenue?

Imagine losing out on revenues from sales and operations and still dealing with ongoing expenses to pay. Why Every Business Owner Needs Adequate Business Interruption and Extra Expense Coverage Every year, after nearly every natural disaster, thousands of small businesses face a true acid test: Can their business survive an interruption? Hurricanes Andrew, Katrina and […]

Video: Why a Sales Process is Critical

I used to think the greatest expense of your business was your overhead. I’ve discovered it’s missed opportunities Sales expert Allen Minster outlines the importance of having a robust, formalized sales process so your prospects and clients don’t say, “Gee, I didn’t know you sell that.” A good sales process helps you avoid the following […]