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Leveraging LinkedIn

In this presentation called "Leveraging LinkedIn," e4e partner Josh Levey explains how you can use your LinkedIn connections to produce quality leads for your business. He takes the audience through a simple three-step marketing campaign, explains the different statistics to pay attention to and gives examples of the types of copy that have proven most […]

Dolphin Tank: Creating the Joy in Goal Setting

In this episode of Dolphin Tank called "Creating the Joy in Goal Setting," e4e partner Karen Hoffman introduces Kelly Kimberlin and her business. As a Life Master Coach, Kelley works with individuals to develop actionable goals they can work towards to achieve a fulfilling life. She asks the audience for advice to grow her business […]

Goal Setting Workshop: 2018

In this presentation the e4e group participates in a goal setting workshop for the upcoming year of 2018. The workshop teaches you how to create and organize measurable goals to give you the best chance of success. You must be an e4e Academy member to access the rest of this content, including a 20-minute video […]

When Do You Cut the Cord, and Let That Prospect Go?

In this presentation called "When Do You Cut the Cord, and Let That Prospect Go?," e4e partner John Eyres discusses the results of a survey answering that exact question. He offers different strategies for following up with prospects and explains how they might work differently in different industries. At the end of the presentation, John […]

Overcoming Mistrust: Injecting Credence and Credibility into Your Content

In this presentation called "Overcoming Mistrust: Injecting Credence and Credibility into Your Content," e4e partner Will Hanke discusses five strategies to increase the credibility of your web content. He explains how to use academic research, expand on ideas effectively, avoid link baiting, use active voice and he stresses the importance of taking the highroad.