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When Do You Cut the Cord, and Let That Prospect Go?

In this presentation called "When Do You Cut the Cord, and Let That Prospect Go?," e4e partner John Eyres discusses the results of a survey answering that exact question. He offers different strategies for following up with prospects and explains how they might work differently in different industries. At the end of the presentation, John […]

Overcoming Mistrust: Injecting Credence and Credibility into Your Content

In this presentation called "Overcoming Mistrust: Injecting Credence and Credibility into Your Content," e4e partner Will Hanke discusses five strategies to increase the credibility of your web content. He explains how to use academic research, expand on ideas effectively, avoid link baiting, use active voice and he stresses the importance of taking the highroad.

The Price Is Right! The Best Service for the Most Money

In this presentation called "The Price Is Right! The Best Service for the Most Money," e4e partner Thad James explains the importance of understanding the prices you charge and communicating the reason behind those prices to your customers. He discusses communicating value instead of features, addressing clients' pain points and increasing customer loyalty.

The Care and Feeding of Your LLC

In this presentation called "The Care and Feeding of Your LLC," e4e partners Brian Rogers and Andy Magnus explain how creating a limited liability company (LLC) helps protect your business and personal assets. They discuss how a business owner transfers their current business into an LLC, common mistakes made when operating an LLC and some […]

Growing a Valuable Organization on a Shoestring

In this presentation called "Growing a Valuable Organization on a Shoestring," e4e partners Karen Hoffman and Cynthia Correll discuss how Karen successfully created her nonprofit organization, Gateway to Dreams. Karen emphasizes the importance of building a strong support network as a fist step. She also explains how to keep a team motivated and navigate financial […]

Improv’s Everyday Uses

In this presentation called "Improv's Everyday Uses," e4e partner Dale Furtwengler discusses the professional and personal benefits of improvisation exercises. He leads volunteers through some of his favorite exercises and shows how they can be used to develop listening skills, creativity and team cohesion.

The Power of Strategic Alliances

In this presentation called "The Power of Strategic Alliances," e4e partner Lisa Oxenhandler heads a discussion that offers advice on finding the best strategic business partners. Understanding core criteria for prospective partners, properly communicating with partners and finding partners who align with your business's values are all topics that are covered.