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Power & Path to Self-Management & Shared Leadership

In this presentation called, "Power & Path to Self-Management & Shared Leadership," e4e partner Les Landes explains a new method of employee management. He advocates for giving workers more freedom of self-management and dismantling some of the traditional power structures in today's businesses that get in the way of productivity.

Wisdom of the Community: Don’t Wing It! Design Your Negotiations

In this Wisdom of the Community Workshop called, "Don't Wing It! Design Your Negotiations," e4e partner Glenda Woolley leads a discussion about how business leaders can plan their negotiation and difficult discussions. She describes key turning points in her own development as a business professional and team leader. E4e members and guests also contribute and […]

Cybercrime: Preventing a Victim Mindset

In this presentation called "Cybercrime: Preventing a Victim Mindset," e4e partner Jared Peno explains how to be proactive about protecting personal and business information from cyber criminals. He describes common types if internet fraud, how cyber criminals obtain your information and questions you need to ask yourself when trying to protect your information.

Leveraging LinkedIn

In this presentation called "Leveraging LinkedIn," e4e partner Josh Levey explains how you can use your LinkedIn connections to produce quality leads for your business. He takes the audience through a simple three-step marketing campaign, explains the different statistics to pay attention to and gives examples of the types of copy that have proven most […]