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Executing on a Plan for New Health Habits

Your subconscious mind computes 40 bits vs. 20 bits per second processed by your conscious mind. Create auto-pilot habits to dramatically improve your life. Holistic chiropractic physician, Dr. Dan Fazio opens this team talk discussing the power of the subconscious mind referencing the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton. He explains that the rate of the subconscious mind is […]

Video: Immune System Optimization

Our bodies are amazingly capable of maintaining and restoring our good health, especially when we make good choices to support our wellness. With wit and intelligence, Dr. Dan Fazio provides in-depth understanding of how our body has built-in mechanisms that support our optimal health. This video on our immune systems creates awareness concerning what we […]

Video: Health is Wealth

Wellness expert Dr. Dan Fazio takes intelligent medical research and makes it understandable to the average person. Dramatic medical findings make this presentation both necessary and timely, providing opportunities for life-saving changes in diet to occur. After explaining the role of inflammation, and implications of our dietary choices, Dr. Fazio provides small, specific, and practical […]

Video: How to Reach and Sustain Your Full Potential

Health and Wellness expert Dr. Dan Fazio, DC offers compelling information enabling you to strengthen your physical health so you live and work successfully. He shares tips on the following: Introducing healthy diet guidelines that support optimal health Understanding essential nutritional elements every person requires for healthy balance Supporting healthy waste and toxin removal from […]

Anti-Inflammatory Eating

This video on anti-inflammatory eating creates awareness concerning how a poor diet can create harmful systemic inflammation and unhealthy reactions in our bodies. This video on anti-inflammatory eating creates awareness concerning how a poor diet can create harmful systemic inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation then leads to unhealthy reactions in our bodies that we should […]

Video: What are musculoskeletal disorders

In this video article, Dan Fazio talks about three key ways to improve your health while preventing the increasingly common symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders. Health and Wellness expert Dan Fazio talks about musculoskeletal disorders. What are musculoskeletal disorders? Repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel and low back pain are becoming very common, taking an increasing […]

Video: Avoid musculoskeletal disorders with these simple steps

Health and Wellness expert Dan Fazio discusses ways to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. We can improve our health by paying attention to the way we work and by developing a few simple habits. Pay attention to ergonomic design: Evaluate your workstation Your computer screen should be seen straight ahead, without needing to look up or down. […]

Video: The Effects of Dietary Stress on the Body

Dr. Dan Fazio provides an in-depth presentation providing information on: Our inflammatory response in the body and how food choices can cause it escalate and harm our bodies Understanding the importance of maintaining a stable glycemic load for balanced blood sugar The effects of simple carbohydrate loading on our blood sugar levels and the body’s […]