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Stand Out In the Media Blizzard

We are inundated with social media. If you want to get noticed, you must impress your market with targeted, meaningful messages. Social media expert Karen Fox shares a compelling opening story by helping the audience members see the importance of recognizing your target market and their unique characteristics and how you can reach them effectively. She […]

Greatest Print Advertisement Ever and How it Can Help You Grow Your Business

You are not selling products and services. You are selling the positive benefits and the emotions people want in life. Marketing expert Tom Ruwitch opens his presentation by asking about and teaching the audience about the necessity of having a swipe file. He shares an ad he deems brilliant and how the dissection of this […]

A Clean Sweep for Wellness

Seek not only quantity of life, but quality of life too.     Dr. Dan Fazio is a wellness chiropractor and expert in helping people holistically improve their quality of life. He puts fun back into functional and longevity medicine, exploring the following points: Wellness can be easy with simple goals and follow-through Maintaining a quality mindset is key […]

Unlock the Remarkable Opportunity of Tax Planning

Adopt a Strategy for Reducing Your Tax Liability What’s the best business strategy for tax planning? It’s simple. Know what you’re doing and what’s available to reduce your tax liability. What you don’t know can really hurt your business! Lack of knowledge and fear of being audited often make clients overly cautious when claiming expenses and […]

That Instant Message Isn’t a Contract…Is it?

Legal expert and attorney Brian Rogers raises awareness about how easy it is to unwittingly commit to agreements of many types with partners, employers and clients without your awareness. As you navigate through the process of crafting, conversing about, fine-tuning and committing to an agreement, make sure you have considered all necessary provisions to protect yourself from […]

Selling Well Automatically

Most sales books are obsolete. Sales expert Bill Prenatt says, Rather than manipulate and game-play, be authentic, take interest in your prospects and seek meaningful ways to provide them value. Bill Prenatt, opens his April 2016 presentation on effective salesmanship by sharing what he’s learned over 56 years. He admits he has learned a lot […]