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One With The Universe

Dale Furtwengler, author and pricing strategist focuses on a life-changing topic to enable all the viewers to experience extraordinary success by learning how to stay connected to the universe whether you focus on this from a scientific, psychological or spiritual viewpoint. He provides tips so each participant can live more often from a place of […]

Counterintuitive: When to Believe Naysayers

During a recent episode of Shark Tank, all of the sharks told a budding entrepreneur that his idea wouldn’t work.  The sharks went on to explain why the idea wasn’t viable. Reasons to listen There are a number of reasons why this entrepreneur should listen to the sharks. They’re incredibly successful business people. They have […]

How, What and Why Leadership?

Practical neuroscientist Stephen Hager uses a highly witty, playful example of childhood experiences with Santa Claus to communicate keenly how standardization helps people and businesses. He describes how to use new, mindful thinking in order to adopt new behaviors and get new results. In his presentation, he helps participants think about, focus on and improve […]

Video: Accountability – Punitive or Pre-Emptive?

Accountability is usually associated with punishment and finger pointing. Operations and talent management expert Ann Prenatt reframes accountability so viewers use it to ask questions and follow a specific system so everyone is successful in planning and executing on what’s needed to get desired results. People often want new results but in general are not […]

Video: Resilience Through Organizational Change

Successful business owner and organizational development expert Jim Canada opens his presentation with the truism that if you are not moving ahead, you are falling behind. He asserts change is key to how well you grow and succeed in your personal and professional life. He also maintains that cultivating resiliency in the face of change […]

Creating A Strategic Plan Using The Blueprint Process

Judy Ryan, Human Systems expert and Lori St. Clair, Chamber of Commerce President, business owner and CFO for many organizations, team up to help viewers understand the power of using a blueprint process to bring about alignment and positive, productive change.

Leveraging Systems to Pursue Goals

Want control, consistency, organization and efficiency? This presentation guides you to see how systems help you achieve abundance, freedom, work/life balance and respect. Content Marketing expert Tom Ruwitch opens his presentation describing how he applied a social intelligence system that enabled him and his team at MarketVolt to consider a variety of approaches people use […]

Stop Trying to Get Caught Up…It’s Futile

Why systematize your business? Gain insight and review examples of how standardization has positively impacted successful businesses, enabling them to outwit, outplay, and outlast challenges. Bill Prenatt, while being a proven expert in sales strategies and implementation is a knowledgeable and passionate champion for what he calls a game-changing trend of systematizing your business. He […]

Video: What and Why Human Systems?

Understanding What and Why Human Systems? Healthy human systems are a set of practices related to human functioning, such as hiring, firing, educating, and managing people so you impact their ability to get along, get and stay motivated and get more done. She outlines systems that promote active leadership and healthy community characterized by personal […]

Video: Building Caring Relationships

Human Systems Specialist Judy Ryan provides practical advice and tools to help improve the level of caring and overall quality of relationships. During this video, she demonstrates use of several tools she introduces in this presentation which includes how to become skilled in: Navigating Four Stages to Achieve Authentic Community Making Accountable Requests and Agreements […]

What Could be Better Than Gossip?

Initially about 50% of teams discover they aren’t secure enough or capable of
 ceasing to gossip. The reasons: they 
lack trust, skills, confidence, or compassionate understanding. “Some say our national pastime is baseball. Not me. It's gossip.” - Erma Bombeck “The only gossip I'm interested in is things from the Weekly World News - 'Woman's […]

Help! I Dread Going to Work and I’m the Owner!

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character power. - Abraham Lincoln What do you need and want in order to enjoy a successful, thriving business? Most of all, you need employees who are proactive, creative and personally responsible regardless of who’s observing. You need people of character, who […]