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Video: The Gateway to Dreams

Have a dream you’ve always wanted to fulfill but felt was impossible? Don’t be too hasty giving up on it… Dream Champion, Queen of Possibilities, and Innovator Karen Hoffman has always looked for systems to help people discover possibilities not seen at first glance by the majority of people. She encourages viewers by her magical […]

Video: Connecting

Karen Hoffman, entrepreneur, business owner and Chief Possibilities Officer for Gateway to Dreams is sometimes referred to as the Kevin Bacon of St. Louis. Even as a child and young person, connecting was a common practice she engaged in with passion, naturally and often. These days, Karen fully utilizes technology to help her track and […]

Master the Art of Connecting and Collaborating

Discover the magic, gifts, possibilities and positive results hidden within every relationship. If you are like most people, you might not consider the significant and powerful ripple effects of connecting and collaborating well with others. For example, how would I know that helping a personal and business friend and author with a project, might help […]