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Strengthen Your Business’s IT Competence

"Strengthen Your Business’s IT Competence" is the e4e December 2016 GROW Showcase Presentation by Jared Peno. Jared defines potential risks in IT security, identifies methods to prevent systems from being hacked and informs us how to make and implement a plan to protect and recover from an IT attack. After his presentation, Jared takes questions from the audience.

e4e November 2016 Business APProved Panel

Digital marketing automation expert Will Hanke leads a discussion panel, including Tom Ruwitch and Brian Rogers, that recommends Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems used by the panelists. Will, Tom and Brian each present a CRM which they use and discuss the advantages of the chosen system. Following their presentations, the panel takes questions from the […]

How Does Your Resource Network Benefit Your Business?

Marketing communications expert Caren Libby leads a panel discussion on professional networking. Caren, Brian Lunt, Bill Prenatt, Karen Hoffman and Mark Brimer discuss their approaches to networking and how they leverage their connections to advance not only their own businesses, but also to help others in their networks.