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Video: Brain Strengths

Most people don’t know their sensory and cognitive strengths and weaknesses. When they do, they can leverage this information to be financially and socially effective. What is brain strength and why is this important to entrepreneurs? Practical Neuroscientist Stephen Hager talks about the importance of understanding the unique make up of each person for how […]

How Entrepreneurs Brains are Wired for Success

Are you willing to flex and stretch your perception of an entrepreneur? The “entrepreneurial spirit” is alive and well and may perhaps include you. Entrepreneurs are a rare and perhaps undervalued group of people who dream, act upon their dreams, and sometimes succeed in achieving what are perceived as superhuman feats. Typically, we think of […]

Video: The Practical Neuroscience of Productivity

Video run time 22:39 How many of these experiences can you relate to? Overwhelm, strained relationships, not enough time, not being understood, health concerns? These are all symptoms that you are out-of-touch with how your brain is wired for a successful life. When you are working with the way your brain is wired for success, […]