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Video: Promises, Promises and Creating a Great Tagline

Pricing expert, author and contrarian Dale Furtwengler raises awareness concerning the importance of communicating your brand promises in a straightforward, clear and responsible manner. He opens his presentation reminding viewers that prospects and customers don’t care what you are doing and how you are doing it. They care about what benefits you are providing to […]

Video: Patterns and Problem Solving for Life and Business

E4e experts are known for helping each other so no one is flying alone. Steve Smart, marketing strategist needed a plan and someone to support him through the process of eating healthy and losing weight. In this presentation, the following seven principles were employed to help Steve meet his health goals. Along with Steve, wellness […]

Video: Success – Building Blocks to Market Your Business

Caren Libby Business strategy does not happen accidentally. Sustaining your business means responding to the growing needs of your business and your clients. Caren Libby is an expert on marketing, branding and business strategy. In this presentation, she focuses on success and what really matters. That’s tough when it seems like your business is in […]

Video: Work Life Balance Mindset

Work and Life balance can be a messy experience because the demands and desires in both work and life are always vying for dominance. The struggle can be challenging and requires our attention. Productivity expert Cathy Sexton shares personal and professional examples of what entrepreneurs experience as we learn to build and grow our businesses, […]

Video: Get Better On-Off Line Results

Marketing and business strategist Cynthia Correll provides steps for bringing your full game to the growing of a successful company and the development of new clients. She introduces how to get better results using focus, identity, systems and sustainability in this order and as described here: Identify your primary focus: Get the support of an […]

Video: Don’t Hold up Progress… Hold up Your End of The Bargain!

Human Systems expert Judy Ryan opens her presentation talking with the audience about their pre-work, asking if they did or did not do it and more importantly, why? She focuses on the internal and external communication that each had prior to the program, asking each person to consider if what mindset they decided from when […]

Video: Short Circuiting Your Stress Response

Dr. Dan Fazio, a specialist in chiropractic methods, acupuncture and functional medicine, provides a thorough, yet succinct review of the physical, chemical, environmental, mental and emotional stressors that must be addressed effectively for optimal health. While he acknowledges positive stress, he focuses most of his presentation on five key factors that keep stress in check. […]

Video: Effective Workplace Culture

Chris Torbit is a successful business owner with a growing, thriving business. He walks the talk, making culture and guiding principles a priority. He shares many stories about how he defines, clarifies and keeps his culture statement front and center with not only himself and his employees, he shares them with vendors and clients. In […]

Video: Fear of Public Speaking

Fred Miller is a humorous, practical and highly influential expert who shares his knowledge about why so many people are terrified to speak in front of an audience and what to do to minimize and overcome that fear. After helping the audience understand the many reasons people experience anxiety when speaking in public, he shares […]

Mobile Trends and Google

Google has just announced this month it will incorporate methods of measuring a websites’ user friendliness to mobile users. This update is supposedly going into effect on April 21st. Mobile friendliness is going to become a metric search engine use to determine organic rankings (a ‘ranking signal’). By making these changes, Google reported that its […]

Video: Higher Prices For Premium Service

Dale Furtwengler, expert pricing and business strategist helps companies get higher prices regardless of what their competitors or the economy are doing. In this presentation, he begins by exploring why most people are skeptical and afraid to ask for good prices and make decisions based on long-standing but faulty assumptions. He discusses the concept of […]

Video: Successful Webinars

Sales and marketing expert Josh Turner specializes in the use of LinkedIn and webinars to further the growth of many businesses. As an expert in webinars, he provides insight into a non-conventional approach to using webinars to build meaningful relationships and customizing your event to the specific needs of a small market of attendees. Josh […]

Video: Want-Based Selling

Larry Lukens, sales expert, successful business owner and servant leader opens his presentation with this question, “If given the choice, would you rather be sold to or engaged in an authentic, caring conversation?” In this presentation, Larry focuses on the importance of asking questions that are want-based so that you understand the puzzle of challenges […]

Video: How to Maximize the Use of Social Media

Social media expert Karen Fox provides information about how to maximize your marketing strength through strategic use of social media. The reminds viewers that 92% of people trust their friends, family and consumer reviews more than the 13% who are influenced by generic advertising. Karen helps business owners remember that social media is priceless but […]

Video: Think Contrary to Attract Opportunities

Dale Furtwengler is an innovative and insightful thinker who delights in discovering buried treasure at every turn, simply because he refuses to be limited by conventional ways of thinking that often blind many to opportunities right in front of them. The focus of his presentation is on how to use a contrarian mindset to think […]

Video: Forecasting and Budgeting

Bookkeeping and accounting expert Lori St. Clair cares about people and helps them to understand and manage the details of their financial lives. She emphasizes that when business owners transform being financially “stressed” (spelled backwards spells desserts) into accountable budget and forecasting systems, they can start enjoying the sweet and simple pleasures that come from […]