The Interview

Ann Prenatt presents “The Interview”. One of our most underutilized and underrated business communications tools is the interview. We will introduce and review best practices with the goal of improving participants’ effectiveness.

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Applying Customer Service To Everyday Living?

In this presentation called, “Applying Customer Service To Everyday Living?”, e4e partner Ann Prenatt asks: What can we learn by exploring customer service experiences? Our own and those we create for our customers? How can we apply that to other aspects of our lives?

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Do You Know Who You Are Working With?

In this presentation called “Do You Know Who You Are Working With?” e4e partner Ann Prenatt explains the importance of professional relationships and how they relate to success. She introduces three core principles of building positive relationships between coworkers and business partners.

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How To Succeed Without a Co-Pilot

In this humorous panel discussion led by Ann Prenatt a small group of experts focuses on providing guidance for succeeding at business so you are not flying alone. The questions asked and answered by this team include: What is your company name and how did you come up with it? How important is networking in…

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Video: Accountability – Punitive or Pre-Emptive?

Accountability is usually associated with punishment and finger pointing. Operations and talent management expert Ann Prenatt reframes accountability so viewers use it to ask questions and follow a specific system so everyone is successful in planning and executing on what’s needed to get desired results. People often want new results but in general are not…

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Video: What Signals Do You Send and Receive?

Ann Prenatt

Communication is critical to how we influence people, get things done and is at the heart of issues and how we resolve them.

Ann Prenatt is a Human Resources professional and communications expert with many years of experience. She conn…

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