Applying Customer Service To Everyday Living?

In this presentation called, "Applying Customer Service To Everyday Living?", e4e partner Ann Prenatt asks: What can we learn by exploring customer service experiences? Our own and those we create for our customers? How can we apply that to other aspects of our lives?

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Do You Know Who You Are Working With?

In this presentation called "Do You Know Who You Are Working With?" e4e partner Ann Prenatt explains the importance of professional relationships and how they relate to success. She introduces three core principles of building positive relationships between coworkers and business partners.

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How To Succeed Without a Co-Pilot

In this humorous panel discussion led by Ann Prenatt a small group of experts focuses on providing guidance for succeeding at business so you are not flying alone.

The questions asked and answered by this team include:

  • What is your company name and how did you come up with it?
  • How important is networking in building your business?
  • When did you know your company was going to make it and be successful?
  • What is your biggest challenge in your business and how do you overcome it?
  • When you have a problem or an idea and are looking for feedback, where do you go to get support?
  • Where do you find good help?
  • What do you let go of first when prioritizing?
  • Do you conduct annual business planning and do you include scalability plans if you do?
  • Are systems do you have in place that have improved your business significantly?
  • At what point during your business development, did you know you needed support and help from others?
  • How do you manage your calendar and what tricks have you discovered?

The power of group think and the joy of sharing questions and solutions together in an open and authentic manner is evident in this panel discussion which paved the way for further rapport and mutual support among existing members and new audience participants alike.

Video: Accountability – Punitive or Pre-Emptive?

Accountability is usually associated with punishment and finger pointing. Operations and talent management expert Ann Prenatt reframes accountability so viewers use it to ask questions and follow a specific system so everyone is successful in planning and executing on what’s needed to get desired results.

People often want new results but in general are not willing to change behaviors. They need a disciplined and consistent way to be accountable. Ann cites the multi-billion dollar industry of dieting and how people still maintain old behaviors because money and intention alone are not enough to get results. Important questions she asks the audience to consider and for which she provides guidance:

  • How do we manage and grow our own businesses in a manner that behaviors change?
  • Are we willing to put an accountability system in place?
  • How can we best act and approach people when they are not accountable?
  • How can we use a system of accountability to proactively get desired results?

In her presentation, Ann Prenatt asserts that proactive approaches are essential to helping people plan and execute on goals so that they see their responsibilities, own them, solve them, and do them. She provides specific steps to ensure changed behaviors occur to improve individual and team performance. These steps include:

  • Establish and communicate clear expectations: This includes starting by describing the end you have in mind as well as milestones along the way
  • Alignment: Help your people align with your purpose, values and visions so their contributions best serve the direction you and your organization are heading
  • Empower: Help everyone succeed by investing in development of yourself and your people
  • Recognition: Acknowledge and reinforce when individuals make significant progress
  • Feedback: Ask customers and employees for feedback and make it safe for them to be candid with you
  • Take Action: Make sure you and those you lead stay the course in reaching milestones and end targets

In this powerful and thought-provoking presentation, Ann Prenatt helps viewers take practical steps to empower, enhance, enable and engage people and systems so greater accountability and success occurs to celebrate. She imparts to the audience that putting accountability into your operations and using a specific system helps you communicate effectively, focus on results rather than blame, drive high performance, and build and strengthen relationships.


Ann Prenatt is highly qualified to provide human resource management assistance or help you in building strong, caring relationships. You can contact Ann at

Video: What Signals Do You Send and Receive?

Communication is critical to how we influence people, get things done and is at the heart of issues and how we resolve them.

Ann Prenatt is a Human Resources professional and communications expert with many years of experience. She connects the quality of communications to the effects created. Through personal stories and audience interactions she helps all to remember what it is like when communications are delivered through impersonal of means or conducted without mindful intention. Ann Prenatt shares practical reasons why attention to our communication and use of personal influence is critical to the overcoming of challenges and the accomplishment of goals. Her presentation includes:

  • Three primary principles of effective communications related to knowing what you want to create, how you and others behave, and how well you listen
  • The challenges and setbacks of technological communications
  • Seven key levels of communication
  • Examples of inconsistent signals being sent that are more powerful than any words
  • Reflective questions to ask yourself to determine if you are engaged in communication that is getting you the results you desire
  • Roadblocks to avoid when listening
  • A way to determine your ability to influence others effectively
  • Four quadrants outlining how to respond to specific behaviors so you are effective in reading between the lines so you manage relationships effectively
  • The platinum rule in which interest in others is more important than self-interest
  • Reasons to reflect on the connection between results when communicating so you gain clarity and make positive changes based on what you want

How people feel in a relationship with you dictates how they will react to you. in order to create positive feelings with others, Ann Prenatt is highly qualified to help each viewer make it their business to own their results and take responsibility to change them if they want new ones. For human resource management assistance or help in building strong, caring relationships, contact Ann at