Are You Missing Potential Customers?

In this presentation,  "Are You Missing Potential Customers", e4e partners Bill Higley and Cesar Keller discuss the topic of Web Accessibility and Compliance Standards. Sharing how businesses are taking steps so that everyone, regardless of their condition has access to a great online user experience.

Applying Jazz Wisdom to Business

In this presentation called, "Applying Jazz Wisdom to Business", e4e partner Bill Higley tells us how Jazz combines elements of improvisation, collaboration and mutual appreciation within the context of a systematic approach that results in mastery. He shows us how these elements can help us create uniqueness, build upon what we learn and achieve mastery in the dynamic world of business.

Transforming Boring Routines

In this presentation called, "Transforming Boring Routines", e4e partner Bill Higley shares methods for transforming boring routines into satisfying rituals with the power of the right questions, the right vocabulary, and the discipline of time limits.

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