Video: Effective Workplace Culture

Chris Torbit is a successful business owner with a growing, thriving business. He walks the talk, making culture and guiding principles a priority. He shares many stories about how he defines, clarifies and keeps his culture statement front and center with not only himself and his employees, he shares them with vendors and clients. In his presentation:

  • How to get started – clarify why you are here (mission), who you are (values) and how you express your mission through your vision
  • The importance of sharing with everyone your values and principles so you are matched
  • Spending time with staff to review purpose and values
  • Talk about mission and values at performance time
  • Firing clients and employees when their behavior is not aligned with the guiding principles
  • Distinguish your company by discussing your values-based approach
  • Reinforcing behaviors and values with actions and events
  • Expect resistance but stay the course with passion and purpose

Chris Torbit is a consummate professional who is wise enough to know that business is more than sales and marketing. He knows that having a values-based and purpose-driven business is key to sustainable and effective growth. To learn more about great business strategy or for help in selecting the best in phone technology, contact Chris Torbit at 314-801-6700.

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VoIP Is All About Productivity and Flexibility

Many times I hear, "I need to get a VoIP Phone system so I can save money on my phone costs."

While I am sure it is one of the initial intentions driving a decision to investigate VoIP (Voice over IP technology) it shouldn’t be the main reason. The main reason you should look at VoIP technology is to increase the flexibility and productivity of your workforce.  As you grow your company, these flexibility and productivity enhancements, which can be garnered using VoIP, outweigh any potential cost savings.

Flexibility: Never be tied to your phone again

Do you feel like you are tied to your phone system?  When we work with clients they do feel this way.  They want more flexibility with their systems and VoIP phone systems bring that flexibility. How? The biggest and most common flexibility feature, standard on all VoIP Phone systems, is email to voicemail functionality.  This feature provides the ability to have each voicemail on the system be sent directly to your email account.  If you have a smartphone, then you have the ability to receive voicemails at any location. This is an incredibly flexible option that ensures you never miss a voicemail when you are out of the office.

Productivity: Increases across the board

Sage Research published an article that sites a significant increase in two major areas.  Faster moves, add-ons and changes as well as opening new offices quicker.  When an entrepreneur is thinking about a technology, it is hard to think ahead and consider the importance of these two factors.  However if you take into account the time and money spent on these two categories alone, you have a great reason to move to VoIP technology.  But that is not the only productivity gain.

Here are some additional productivity and lower cost gains:

One cabling outlet – Phone and Internet are managed with one cable infrastructure.

Find-me-follow-me feature – One number rings multiple handsets and devices, making it easier for customers and potential clients.

Single voicemail – No more need to check multiple voicemail boxes for incoming messages

VoIP technologies utilize IP Technologies that allow you to gain flexibility and productivity increases and dramatically grows your business.  While many business owners do not think of their phone system as a strategic investment, they should.  VoIP make it easy to ensure you are always in touch with your team and your customer.  Positive or negative, it is the first and lasting impression they have with your company. Use VoIP to make that first impression a winning one.

To learn more about strategy and selection in phone technology, let us help you make the best choice.  Call us at 314-801-6700 so we can put together a solution which exceeds your expectations.