Living with an Attitude of Gratitude

In this presentation called "Living with an Attitude of Gratitude," e4e partner Andy Magnus discusses the importance of being thankful for what we have and how that affects our well-being. He explains how we can create our own positive habits and learn to receive gratitude from others.



How the Patient Experience Is Changing

In this presentation called "How the Patient Experience Is Changing," e4e partner Dr. Dan Fazio explains how health care in the United States is moving from a provider-centric philosophy to one more focused on the patient. He also discusses the strengths and weaknesses of American medicine, how to improve the patient experience and offers advice on how to live a healthy life.

Don’t Divorce Your Past – Embrace It

In this presentation called "Don’t Divorce Your Past - Embrace It," e4e partner Karen Fox describes her experience with overcoming a professional tragedy and how she learned to move forward. She explains how these types of life events can impact our identity and the importance of re-creating positive self perceptions.

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Calm Amidst Chaos

In this presentation called "Calm Amidst Chaos," e4e partner Dale Furtwengler lays out a seven step process for dealing with stressful situations. He explains how he sets aside unhelpful emotions and the techniques he uses to find the core issues and the best solutions as quickly as possible.

Eliminating the Guilt & Taking Time for Me

In this presentation called "Eliminating the Guilt & Taking Time for Me," e4e partner Lori St. Clair leads a discussion about the guilt that arises from an unhealthy life/work balance. She explains where stress comes from, how it grows and offers advice for maintaining your mental health as a busy professional.

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Creating a Miracle Life

In this presentation called "Creating a Miracle Life," e4e partner Richard Terry talks about the three things that helped better his life in the past three years. He offers advise on how to reduce stress, increase positivity and extends a challenge to make a positive change in your life.

Are You Living Your Best Story?

In this presentation called "Are You Living Your Best Story?," e4e partners Bill Prenatt & Glenda Woolley discuss the personal and professional benefits of "intentional living". The discussion is designed to help develop the motivated self-awareness and positive mindset necessary for living your best life.

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5 Points of Wellness

In this presentation called "5 Points of Wellness," e4e partner Dr. Dan Fazio explains some of the core principles of leading a healthy and fulfilling life. He distills the concepts into five key points and weighs the importance each.

Creating Great Stuff Using a Great Mindset

In this presentation, culture change expert Judy Ryan presents on the transformation process for fostering free and contributing human beings. She offers key points that may challenge the status quo and offer a new perspective for supporting greatness in self and others.

Destination: Simplicity

In "Destination: Simplicity," e4e partner Dale Furtwengler describes a two step process for breaking down seemingly complex problems. His presentation will teach you how to quickly discover the heart of the issues you face.

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Making Taxes Your Friend

Nationally known tax professional Andy Magnus reminds us that taxes can be our "friend." With great insight and lots of humor, he helps to decode the tax code, and he offers tips on how to approach tax management for your business.



Keep Pushing – The Real Battle Is Between Your Ears

Things are rarely as bad as they seem.

More importantly, sometimes the win is in the push.

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Managing Transitions Life Throws Our Way

What do you need when your life is spinning out of control?

Sales expert and performance leader Bill Prenatt opens his presentation with the question “Have you had times when your life was spinning out of control?” He offers his own traumatic life experiences. He describes about how life can sometimes smack us in the face and what’s more important is how we react to what’s happening. Key points in this presentation include:

  • How to move from reaction to responding so you manage challenges effectively
  • Naming the seven elements of a negative spiral so you can take four steps to take charge of any situation and shorten the amount of time to be in a negative spiral
  • Moving from denial to acceptance and improvement
  • The question “What’s next?” helps you take charge
  • See setbacks as temporary and move forward
  • We can’t always see other options when we are in a negative spiral
  • Things are almost never as bad as they seem
  • The positive and negative balance in our lives
  • Gratitude and forgiveness can get us through hard times
  • We can either be a victim or a victor in difficult circumstances
  • How to learn from our challenges and mistakes
  • Adaptiveness and resiliency are key to overcoming challenges

Sales and leadership expert Bill Prenatt concludes this inspiring talk sharing about the death of his son. He invites his audience to develop tools to cope with challenges and consider your responses to them so you are more resilient in moving forward when tough times arise, which will because they are simply a part of life.

Bill Prenatt is CEO of Simply Successful and Executive Director of e4e. If you are interested in learning more about the art and science of taking control of your life, contact Bill at

A Clean Sweep for Wellness

Seek not only quantity of life, but quality of life too.



Dr. Dan Fazio is a wellness chiropractor and expert in helping people holistically improve their quality of life. He puts fun back into functional and longevity medicine, exploring the following points:

  • Wellness can be easy with simple goals and follow-through
  • Maintaining a quality mindset is key in achieving a high quality of life
  • Aging does not have to mean disease-ridden
  • Begin today with small steps
  • Use mindfulness practices that are distraction-free, meditative, intentional, and which we focus and develop reverence for what we eat, how we move and what we see and feel
  • Reduce the vast number of premature deaths through simple diet, exercise and meditative practices
  • Celebrate successes and make time to play and have fun
  • Remove interfering factors like sugar and stress from your body
  • Prioritize your health by improving diet, exercise, and sleep hygiene a little at a time
  • Use professionals and accountability partners to engage in and continue the process of intentional wellness
  • Use healthy oils and fats, including the use of coconut oil along with adequate hydration to squelch cravings for sugar and increase metabolic function.

Dr. Fazio is a warm-hearted, funny and intelligent health professional, passionate about helping people in connected, supportive and collaborative ways.