Video: Where Does My Time Go – Boosting Productivity Levels?

When it comes to being a multi hat person you can't wear them all at the same time. For your business to grow and thrive, you must use your time wisely and make the concerted effort and ask yourself, "Which hat am I wearing?", "Which hat is most important for me to wear?", "Which ones am I capable of doing or learning to do?" and an even more important question is "Is this the best use of my time?"

• Using the 80/20 rule = being 16 X more effective
• Time Vs. Results
• Analyzing where their time is spent and quick way to understand what to delegate
• How using a powerful tool like Evernote can boost productivity

In a memorable, simple and practical way Cathy Sexton helps viewers understand the best way to boost productivity is by doing more of the vital few.

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Team Tools and Techniques for Problem Solving

Effective Problem Solving Tools help your organization succeed.

Having an understanding of the following six specific team tools and techniques provide structure and an approach to addressing problems and issues within your organization. Many team facilitators and organization leaders understand some of the following tools and techniques but do they know the proper do’s and don’ts for each and how to use them?  Do they understand the benefits and procedures that make them effective?  The six team tools and techniques for effective problem solving within your organization are defined as the following:


Brainstorming is a structured group thinking activity used to help a team generate as many ideas as possible within a short period of time.

Multi-voting Polls

Multi-voting is a way to reduce a large list of items to a manageable size by conducting a poll.  It limits group discussion and minimizes difficulty.  This is accomplished with a series of votes.  Multi-voting often follows a brainstorming session.


Prioritization is a method of assigning scores to issues based on multiple criteria.  The total scores for each issue are then compared to select the issue(s) to focus on first.

Fishbone Diagram

Cause and effect diagrams are also known as fishbones (because of their shape) or Ishikawa diagrams, (after their inventor, Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa, the Japanese quality control statistician).  The fishbone diagram is a visual display of information using lines, arrows and words.  It is designed to focus on root causes rather than symptoms and to represent the relationship between an effect (what is wrong) and its causes.


A checksheet is a worksheet used to collect data.  Data must be collected carefully and accurately.  Using a checksheet makes it easier to collect, compile and analyze data consistently.

Pareto Chart

A Pareto chart is a form of a vertical bar graph with a cumulative percentage line overlaid.  Pareto charts help organize data to show the major factor(s) that make up the subject being analyzed.

To learn the full definition, when to use, the benefits, procedures, do’s and don’ts and examples for all of these Tools and Techniques, go to the following address and request a copy of the full article “Team Tools and Techniques for Problem Solving”:

Video: The Practical Neuroscience of Productivity

Video run time 22:39

How many of these experiences can you relate to?

Overwhelm, strained relationships, not enough time, not being understood, health concerns? These are all symptoms that you are out-of-touch with how your brain is wired for a successful life.

When you are working with the way your brain is wired for success, rather than against it, you will experience:

  • Getting the right things done in less time
  • Reduced stress
  • More free time
  • Cooperation and collaboration vs. competition

Alignment of your brain strengths, mood state, skills and competencies will yield higher productivity and a higher quality-of-life.

Alignment = Productivity + Quality-of-Life

Practical neuroscience is your unrecognized solution to being the very best you can be.

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Feel You Always Have Too Much To Do?

Are you tired of sleepless nights, unproductive feelings of stress and anxiety, relationships constantly under duress, and not being yourself at the top of your game?

One of my earlier BLOGS pointed to the Tyranny of the Urgent and the importance of setting priorities in order to be happy, productive, and successful.

Why is it we have time to do things over, but not time to do them right the first time?

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Are you always on the verge of getting ‘caught up’?

Do you ever get the feeling your life is out of control?

The internet has been a game changer in our lives, but is your life better off as a result of the internet? The answer to that question is probably “it all depends.” Being overwhelmed day in and day out can be stressful. We’re literally being bombarded with activities that drain our energy. It’s important to admit we are sabotaging our lives and can make the choice to live healthier and longer lives with less stress.

Did you ever try to catch butterflies when you were a kid? Catching butterflies is not an easy thing to do. At a minimum it’s difficult to catch butterflies without a net. Getting caught up is like catching butterflies. We are often unsuccessful, because we flitter from one task to another. No matter how hard we try, we become overwhelmed with activities and tasks.

NEWS FLASH …..Stop trying to CATCH UP! It’s futile. Now, don’t you feel better? You have actually accomplished something.

You might be asking, “Why is a sales expert writing about time?” What makes me a time management expert? In the selling game ‘time is money.’ Over the years, I have constantly honed my time management skills because there are a jillion time wasters in selling. It’s like skeet shooting. There are always clay pigeons disguised as real priorities everywhere you turn. In selling you can literally waste hours, and even days of time if you don’t develop good time management habits.

It might be easier to wheel you into your local hospital for surgery on your brain but you could settle for a simple paradigm shift to make profound change in your life. Change requires effort and forming new habits on your part, but in the end it’s safer and less costly than brain surgery.

The real culprit in our lives is the…Tyranny of the Urgent*

To illustrate my point, in my last job before starting my own business, I asked one of our people (an up and coming super star). “How do you decide what to work on every day?” His comment was simply, “I work on what comes across my desk.” This thinking is easy but produces mediocre or poor results.

Our lives will always be too full. You may believe there’s a lot more to do than you have time and energy to accomplish. It’s like someone put you on a tread mill and then turned the speed up as fast as the treadmill will go. To be successful you have to discipline yourself to practice making good choices. Decide what’s important, what really makes you happy. When you focus on your relationships with your friends, family, children and colleagues, you bring great joy into your life. Being healthy spiritually, physically, and mentally forms the foundation for all you do. Having worthwhile work is motivating and rewarding. It’s that simple. You then enjoy a place you can call home and transportation to get you around. Everything else is just small stuff.

You will never be satisfied with “stuff”. “Stuff” gives short-term satisfaction but is a fleeting form of gratification…

How you prioritize, what you decide to do every morning when you get up, isn’t going to get any easier. Make the decision right now you are going to take action to make better choices about what’s important in your life before it’s too late. If you don’t value your time, don’t expect others to value it either. Give you and your family the greatest gift of all.

Live a quality life built around things that matter most.

If you’re interested in learning more about the art and science of taking control of your life, sign up for our free membership trial or become an e4e member. Once you sign up, go to my 7 Steps to Sanity in a World Gone Mad in the Articles section of the e4e community.

Productivity Through Digital Contracts

Have you ever considered using an online e-signature service to manage contracts?

Every business requires documents to be signed.  If your company is still waiting for physical signatures and faxes, then you might be able to introduce a new workflow to save you time.  Imagine all the following scenarios in your business:

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