October 2019 Sponsor: Mary Kutheis

Mary Kutheis, MCK Coaching + Training Take time and people management to the next level. Mary, a business coach and confidant, works with business owners and leaders who want to accomplish more with less turmoil, drama and stress. Through coaching and training, clients gain time management mastery, build collaborative teams, employ clear and effective communication,…

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September 2019 Sponsor: David Adams

David Adams We help seniors and retirees navigate the Medicare maze by offering personalized simple solutions. For more information, visit https://simplyseniorsolutions.com

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March 2019 Sponsor: Tiffany Hoeckelman

Tiffany Hoeckelman, Lone Orange Lone Orange helps biz owners integrate their clear and compelling brand to ensure an extraordinary client experience. For more information, visit https://loneorange.com/

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December Sponsor: Will Hanke

Will Hanke, Red Canoe Media A small business owner paid a good amount of money to a web designer to build a website, and thought that having that website automatically meant more customers.  But the customers didn’t come. Simply building a website isn’t enough (and I’m hoping by your being here it means you figured that…

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December 2017 Sponsor: Nicole Davis

Nicole Davis, Reliance Financial Services Reliance Financial Services provides financial analysis, consulting, divorce financial planning and forensic accounting services to a diverse group of clients in St. Louis, Missouri. We provide financial analysis and expertise to help our clients: • Investigate financial matters and develop solutions to address issues • Problem-solve and generate options overcoming disputes…

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January 2019 Sponsor: Richard Terry

Richard Terry, Accolade Kitchen & Bath Accolade Kitchen & Bath designs and installs luxurious and functional living spaces where my clients feel like they are on vacation. We accomplish this by turning their: Kitchens into gourmet playgrounds Bathrooms into spa-like retreats Closets into personal sanctuaries So, if you or your friends are feeling frustrated with…

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Every Challenge Has a Solution

In this presentation called “Every Challenge Has a Solution,” e4e partner Cathy Sexton describes her four step process for overcoming challenges in the workplace. She explains how to identify a problem, find the core causes, brainstorm solutions and how to implement one specific solution.

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September 2017 Sponsor: Kristy Carder

Kristy Carder Enterprises, LLC Helping companies reinforce their brand through the use of Promotional Products, Apparel and Custom Gifts. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Kristy has helped thousands of companies increase sales and market awareness. Kristy will sit down with you – discuss your event, your goals, your target market, your…

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August 2017 Sponsor: Lori St. Clair

Lori St. Clair On Target for Profitable Growth is a CFO, accounting and bookkeeping outsource service that helps small- and medium-sized businesses reduce costs, streamline financial processes and pursue profitable growth. For more information, visit http://getontargetnow.com/

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5 Points of Wellness

In this presentation called “5 Points of Wellness,” e4e partner Dr. Dan Fazio explains some of the core principles of leading a healthy and fulfilling life. He distills the concepts into five key points and weighs the importance each.

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How to Use a Microphone Like a Pro!

In this presentation called “How to Use a Microphone Like a Pro,” e4e partner Steve Gamache explains how to use a microphone to enhance professional presentations. He discusses the do’s and do not’s of using a microphone and offers tips on microphone positioning, speaking and volume control.

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Navigating the Changing Landscape of Social Media

In this presentation called “Navigating the Changing Landscape of Social Media,” Karen Fox discusses the value of social media for businesses in connecting with clients and customers. She explains the importance of developing a media strategy, the changing trends in social media and the advantages of different social platforms.

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Do You Know Who You Are Working With?

In this presentation called “Do You Know Who You Are Working With?” e4e partner Ann Prenatt explains the importance of professional relationships and how they relate to success. She introduces three core principles of building positive relationships between coworkers and business partners.

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Are You Buried in Bookkeeping?

No business starts out with the expectation of failure, but when small business owners neglect the bookkeeping side of their business they’re setting themselves up for trouble. Proper management of the financial side of your business can make all the difference between whether you succeed or fail. And making sure the numbers are in order is…

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Video: Online Marketing

Will Hanke

If you have a website and want more customers, you need to effectively maneuver at the intersection where your growth and marketing goals align.

Will Hanke is a global thinker who understands the need to strategize around the growth of y…

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Video: Setting Goals

Scott Kolbe

Got a great goal to achieve? People ask Scott Kolbe for advice because he’s practicing great habits, getting great results and achieving great goals.

Scott Kolbe, expert in marketing and promoting people so they have confidence an…

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Flying Blind

Dale Furtwengler

Following a competitor’s lead blindly, is the equivalent of abandoning your flight plan and taking off into a blizzard. The results can be devastating.

What does aviation have to do with your pricing strategy?
Imagine you a…

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Video: Accountability

Bill Prenatt

Personal accountability is a game-changer. Sales Expert Bill Prenatt facilitates reflection on the systems needed and habits to change in order to get new results.

Seasoned sales expert Bill Prenatt has decades of firsthand experience…

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