A Clean Sweep for Wellness

Seek not only quantity of life, but quality of life too.



Dr. Dan Fazio is a wellness chiropractor and expert in helping people holistically improve their quality of life. He puts fun back into functional and longevity medicine, exploring the following points:

  • Wellness can be easy with simple goals and follow-through
  • Maintaining a quality mindset is key in achieving a high quality of life
  • Aging does not have to mean disease-ridden
  • Begin today with small steps
  • Use mindfulness practices that are distraction-free, meditative, intentional, and which we focus and develop reverence for what we eat, how we move and what we see and feel
  • Reduce the vast number of premature deaths through simple diet, exercise and meditative practices
  • Celebrate successes and make time to play and have fun
  • Remove interfering factors like sugar and stress from your body
  • Prioritize your health by improving diet, exercise, and sleep hygiene a little at a time
  • Use professionals and accountability partners to engage in and continue the process of intentional wellness
  • Use healthy oils and fats, including the use of coconut oil along with adequate hydration to squelch cravings for sugar and increase metabolic function.

Dr. Fazio is a warm-hearted, funny and intelligent health professional, passionate about helping people in connected, supportive and collaborative ways.