Contacts, Connection and Collaboration

Master connector, author and dream coach Karen Hoffman opens her presentation inviting the audience to consider the difference between a single transaction and a relationship that involves an ongoing set of transactions, monetary and otherwise.

Karen focuses the majority of her presentation on strategic practices needed to start a relationship effectively from the first moment you meet someone, through to the building and nurturing of strong friendships that can last years and involve collaboration on every level. She presents many of her key connector systems, including for:

  • Tracking and preserving business cards you receive at meetings and events
  • Taking adequate notes about people initially and as things progress
  • Navigating four distinct steps of the relationship-building process, including contact, connections, collaboration, and synergy
  • Operating in networking situations so you are balanced in following and leading effectively in conversation
  • Reviewing places and methods to find contacts
  • Becoming and improving as a connector, and the specific habits to practice for how to do it well
  • Using technology, including social media to become a better connector
  • Growing connector skills through association and learning lessons from other experienced, successful connectors

Due to her naturally collaborative style, Karen Hoffman ends her presentation inspiring the audience to share additional tips and ideas with her and one another. Karen has co-authored multiple books, including her most recent, Contacts, Connections and Collaboration. She is also the founder of Gateway to Dreams, an organization designed to connect and promote people so they can live their dreams and provide their valuable services to the world. Call her today at 314.503.6376 or email her at


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