Creating A Strategic Plan Using The Blueprint Process

Judy Ryan, Human Systems expert and Lori St. Clair, Chamber of Commerce President, business owner and CFO for many organizations, team up to help viewers understand the power of using a blueprint process to bring about alignment and positive, productive change.

In this presentation, participants gain a basic understanding about:

  • How many people and organizations are on autopilot and disengaged, without a strategic plan to grow
  • The five steps of disengagement and the psychological contracts people make that may lead to someone leaving before you realize they are unhappy
  • How and why blueprints help people communicate, identify priorities, and get aligned with themselves and others

In this presentation, Judy Ryan offers clarity and descriptions on how to define purpose, values and visions first, then goals, procedures and roles, and Lori St. Clair intersperces the practical application for each of these in her joint work  with Judy in guiding the Fenton Chamber of Commerce. In doing so, the viewers gain understanding and motivation to spend the necessary time with the more abstract elements of purpose, values and visions first so that goals, strategies, procedures and delegation of tasks all net the greatest advances and success.

The pairing of information with practical application make this presentation well worth watching so you can see clearly how to proceed. By seeing the application of concepts you are less likely to end up failing to do the right things or finding the right things did not get done right. Rather, you are systematic in putting first things first and keeping the greatest end in sight.

Lori St. Clair is Owner of On Target Bookkeeping Services and is committed to helping business owners who wish to outsource their bookkeeping tasks or as a valued resource to counsel clients when they need customized solutions to managing their finances. To get help, contact Lori at

Judy Ryan is owner of LifeWork Systems. She is an award-winning trainer, consultant, coach, keynote presenter and columnist. Judy works with progressive thought leaders, executives and change agents who want to succeed by building healthy culture and highly productive teams.   If you would like Judy’s support, you can reach her at, visit her website or call her at 314.239.4727



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