Do You Ever Need Someone to Save the Day?

When you think of people who save your day, what comes to mind?  Do you think of a family member, friend, neighbor, or religious leader?  All of those are good choices but a superhero you might not put in your top 5 is your local office supplier.  Yes, I just said office supplier.

Here is a scenario for you.  Have you ever gone to the supply cabinet to get what you think is your last box of envelopes.  What about your last ream of paper or even roll of bathroom tissue and then have that sinking feeling that sets in when you find an empty box or no box at all.  NOW WHAT?  You have a deadline to hit, the phone is ringing off the hook, you need to leave work early for a family event or business meeting, and lunch is not even penciled in your work day until maybe tomorrow if your lucky.  The last thing you have time to do is solve one more problem or get in the car to go get that item you need.

You wish clicking your heels together 3 times like Dorothy did in the Wizard of OZ, would make the missing item appear.  The stress free solution is just 10 numbers away 314-227-6771.  It is that simple!  Call Office Supply Solutions and we relieve your stress, cater to your need of the day, and deliver service with a smile.  Right now you’re thinking yeah, sure like that’s going to happen.

Check out these 3 true stories and then consider if calling 314-227-6771 and getting an industry educated live person without going through voicemail prompts is real or just a fantasy.

  1. A customer went to their supply cabinet only to find an empty box of catalog mailing envelopes. Guess what, their mailing HAD to go out that same day.  After calling 314-227-6771, the customer was assured we would be right over.  In 30 minutes their front door opened and they were presented not only with their much needed catalog envelopes but a free bag of candy for ordering online (a promotion at that time), and the Office Supply Solutions delivery driver knew exactly where to put away the customer's bathroom tissue, paper towels, and trash can liners so the customer could start immediately on their mission critical project.  Did Office Supply Solutions save the day?  That’s for you to decide but our customer was relieved so my guess is their vote was a resounding YES!
  2. This call I will never forget.  I was in between meetings and saw an incoming call on my cell phone from Kansas City (Office Supply Solutions is located in St. Louis, Missouri).  The customer said frantically, “I am not sure how this happened but we are in the middle of a project and we are out of toner and have no spare.  Is there anything you can do to help?” Of course we could because we solve problems!  This particular customer was printing again in less than 2 hours even though they are 200 miles away.  If Superman strapped the cartridge to his back and flew over highway 70, the cartridge would not have arrived much sooner.
  3. Have you ever had something on your to-do list that was always the next thing you were going to do, for days.  That was the situation for one of our customers whose boss asked them to get motivational signs and have them delivered and on the walls by the time the boss got to town. You guessed it: the boss walked in, didn't see the signs and asked the manager why the signs were not on the walls.  You may have been in a similar situation before.  The words out of your mouth are, “They should be delivered today, I am not sure why they haven't arrived yet.”

The truth is the reason they have not been delivered is that all the items had never been ordered.  NO BIG DEAL!  The customer called and said. “Help! Is there anything you can do to get me motivational signs 10 minutes ago?” We went online with the customer, picked out the signs, and walked in the door with the signs and a smile about an hour later.  Was this person's day saved?  I am pretty sure the answer was “FOR SURE!”

These are just a few ways your local office supplier can be a super hero in your day.  Just a parting piece of advice... if you order an extra box of the item and do not cut it so close, we won't have to be your super hero as often, your stress level will be lower, and just in case you do need superhero service we are here to cater to you as long as these 10 numbers are in your speed dial: 314-227-6771.  We save days one office at a time.