Do You Know These 6 Benefits of Using Google AdWords?

Most people think of AdWords as another form of advertising and think it’s just a way to get more traffic and prospects to their website. And while it’s certainly great for that, there’s a lot more to AdWords.

Most people don't get AdWords. Sure, they’ve probably heard about it. Maybe they’ve even tried it out in their business.

But they still don’t get it.

See, most people think of AdWords as another form of advertising and think it’s just a way to get more traffic and prospects to their website.

And while it’s certainly great for that, there’s a lot more to AdWords. After reading this article, you’ll have an understanding about how AdWords can help grow your business (pay special attention to #6!) that most of your competitors don’t.

Here are 6 benefits of using Google AdWords…

1.    Nearly Instant Page 1 Rankings

AdWords is the quickest way to get your business listed on Page 1 of Google…the #1 place your prospects are looking for you. Things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local Search (Google+ Local) are great strategies, but they take time to get results (and there are no guarantees).

With AdWords, you set up your campaign and can see your ads on Page 1 almost immediately.

2.    Reach Highly Motivated, Targeted Prospects

On AdWords, you’re reaching people who are ACTIVELY looking for your business. This isn’t like TV, radio or magazine advertising where you have to interrupt people from doing something else and try to get them to notice you.

People are identifying themselves to you as hot prospects through the keywords they type into Google. When they type that keyword in, it represents a pain, a desire or a quest for information that they need solved…NOW!

When they see your ad and believe you can help them, you have a very qualified and motivated prospect coming to your website.

3.    You Only Pay for Clicks/Website Visits

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Again, going back to TV, radio and newspaper advertising…it doesn’t matter how many people see your ad or, of those that see it, how many are interested in what you offer.

You pay the same fee no matter what.

With AdWords, you only pay for people who are interested enough to click on your ad and visit your website. This lets you use your marketing budget much more efficiently and effectively.

4.    Geographic Targeting

For local business owners, AdWords may be the only way to reach prospects looking for you on Google.
Take the example of someone who wants to buy a new mattress. If they just type in “buy a mattress”, Google will show mostly national results in their organic search results.

For a local business to compete on a national level for search engine optimization (SEO) is nearly impossible. Plus, most of the people typing in “buy a mattress” are not in your local area anyway. So even if you did get to the top of the national rankings, most of the people who see your ad would not be good prospects for you (unless, of course, you have a mail order business).

With AdWords, however, you can limit your ads to specific geographic locations. This means if you own a mattress store in Chicago, you can set your AdWords campaign so that your ads are only seen by people in the Chicago metro area.

You could even choose to run your ads in specific suburbs, zip codes or a radius around your business’ location.

So while the organic search results show all the big national mattress companies/sellers, your ad can appear on page 1 through in AdWords and reach prospects you couldn’t reach by doing SEO.

5.    Control

As an AdWords advertiser, you have a tremendous amount of control over your campaign. A short list of things you control includes:

  • The keywords your ads show up for
  • Your monthly budget (set it as high or low as you like)
  • How much you’re willing to pay for a click
  • The geographic areas where your ads appear
  • The days/times your ads run
  • The messaging of your ads
  • The page on your website the ads lead to
  • Turning your campaign on or off whenever you want
  • Turning your campaign on or off whenever you want
  • What devices your ads appear on (i.e. desktops/laptops, mobile devices or tablets)
  • Understanding what you can control and how to control them is key to running a successful campaign.

6.    Highly Effective Keyword Research and Market Research Tool

Using AdWords for research is my favorite application of AdWords…and one most people don’t even think about.

One way is using AdWords for keyword research. Understanding what keywords your prospects are typing into Google to find you is critical to search marketing. The problem is Google doesn’t necessarily share the most accurate keyword data (and has been sharing less and less recently).

And this data is especially hard to get for local keywords.

By using the AdWords Search Query Report, you can get a clear understanding of the actual keywords prospects are typing in to Google to find you. You’ll also be able to see how many times each keyword is being typed in each day/month.

(In fact, I’ve set up campaigns for clients for the sole purpose of collecting keyword data because AdWords is the only way to get truly accurate data.)

You can also use AdWords for market research to test out offers, headlines, book titles (did you know the title of Tim Ferriss’ best seller “The 4-Hour Work Week” was decided by an AdWords test?), landing pages, etc.

When you find an offer, headline, title, etc. that works well in AdWords, there’s a good chance it’s going to work well in other marketing pieces too. Here are a few articles that show examples of how to use AdWords for keyword research or market research.

AdWords is an incredibly powerful tool. And if you’re already using it to generate leads and sales for your business, that’s awesome…keep it up!

Just don’t ignore others ways you can be using it to gain a competitive advantage in your market.