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Social media is no longer an option for your business. It plays a major role in shaping your reputation and perceptions about your credibility. Luckily our e4e experts Karen Fox and Will Hanke bring you four powerful apps to ensure you grow a strong social media presence.

Social media expert Karen Fox opens this presentation introducing Canva, a free app that allow you to size your social media images as appropriate to use on a variety of social media platforms. Canva for work is a paid version ($12 per month) that allows you to re-size one image all at once for all platforms automatically. Karen also introduces Pablo, an app to allow you to size and upload or purchase images as well as add quotes of your own or purchase theirs. If you search with a keyword, you can find images to meet your theme. You can also add your logo.

Next, Will Hanke first introduces Sniply, a paid service ($29 per month) which allows you create various calls to action and the to transfer them to another website or websites. If I want to share an article from a related topic, I can hijack my call to action to other articles and websites out there. Next, Will introduces Buffer, an app that lets you share social media out to a variety of networks from one platform. You set up your channels and then when you share a piece of content in the top bar and behind the scene, it sends out things at the times that your site is getting the best traffic. The content is shuffled so that the different platforms are receiving different postings at the same time. You can create a list of postings and they go out one after another. We can use Sniply and Buffer at the same time. Both are fully integrated and allow your postings to be scheduled in a variety of ways. Buffer takes into consideration the unique times best for you to post on your topics.

If you don’t think you have time to implement a social media strategy, outsource this very important business strategy to Karen Fox at Karen@karentheconnector.com or check out her website www.karentheconnector.com

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