Karen Fox

Market Domination Strategist and Speaker

Karen the Connector

Known better as Karen THE Connector, Karen Fox spent 27 years educating thousands in the offline world on sales and marketing. She continues to educate her clients’ one on one or in groups presentations helping them make sense of the Digital World of Marketing.  She is known for her patience and innate ability to communicate the simplicity of Social Media Marketing in a way those not born in this generation can understand.  As a Certified Market Domination Strategist she coaches solo-preneurs to corporate executives on the best social platforms to use to generate the greatest engagement in social media. She also creates strategies in building their marketing funnel, working with their teams or building their editorial calendar.    Karen is a Big picture Visionary whose success since starting her business in 2009 comes from her clients succeeding with a Greater ROI.  She is the one to call to help you Market Your Truth.  You see your story will be told, you want to be the one to tell the world the truth about your amazing business and why they should do business with YOU!

E4E Partner

Board Member and Secretary: Fenton Chamber

Board Member: The Tapestry Network

Latest Blog Posts

The Three C’s in ABC

By e4e Community | August 4, 2021

Karen Fox “The Three C’s in ABC”. Are you one who says I’m not a salesperson or I hate sales?…

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The Power Is The Mindset

By e4e Community | February 2, 2021

Karen Fox  presents “The Power Is The Mindset”. Ever wonder why some who are not as smart or as creative as…

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Growing Through Alignment

Growing Through Alignment

By e4e Community | August 14, 2020

In this presentation,  “Growing Through Alignment“, e4e partner Karen Fox  shares her 5-step program for helping you identify and hire…

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Understanding Personalities: The Key to Effective Networking

By e4e Community | April 22, 2019

In this presentation called, “Understanding Personalities: The Key to Effective Networking”, e4e partner Karen Fox will introduce you to the…

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Happy Detours

By e4e Community | August 27, 2018

In this presentation called, “Happy Detours,” e4e partner Karen Fox tells her life journey and focuses on times in her…

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Team Work Makes the Dream Work

By e4e Community | April 25, 2018

In this presentation called “Team Work Makes the Dream Work,” e4e partner Karen Fox stresses the importance of recognizing the…

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