Four Reasons to use an outsourced marketing professional

Contrary to instinct, doing everything yourself does not, in the end, save money. Consider a different… scratch that… a BETTER approach.

Don't wait until you're pulling your hair out to discover the benefits of outsourcing. I have benefitted from my recent choice to outsource some of my own marketing efforts. Yes, there is a cost associated with that, but there's a bigger cost in doing everything myself.

If you're an experienced business owner, you've already made this discovery. Even though your instinct tells you to do everything yourself, you've discovered the liberating secret of proper outsourcing. Have you considered doing that with your marketing efforts?

Check out these four reasons to use an outsourced marketing professional

1) Doing everything yourself is a losing proposition

You suffer in several ways when you do everything on your own. You run out of energy and your mind becomes over-taxed. Let's face it; you can't do everything with excellence. At some things you rock, at others you do terribly. And the stuff you don't do well is often the stuff you hate doing.

You wouldn't hire people who are poorly suited for important work, so why do that yourself? You know you'll only lose productivity. What might go unnoticed, however, is the fact that the brainpower you've been wasting could have been used to build your business more effectively.

2) Two heads are better than one

Complex decision-making is much easier with a team. A fresh set of eyes and a different outlook make a remarkable difference. Your own perspective and knowledge base is not enough. Why not turbo-charge your abilities by getting input from an objective party? Quality marketing decisions and effective planning happens faster and more easily when you team up with someone else.

3) Your time is valuable

Calculate the hourly value of your time. It's probably worth more than you think. If you determine your time is worth $145/hour, for example, you can easily justify outsourcing certain things to people who can perform the same work better and faster for far less.

Your time has more than "production" value. Consider the hidden value that can't be calculated.

4) Brighter ideas come to light when you create "space"

Be proactive. Moving your business forward requires quality "think time." New and better ideas don't come freely when your mind is crowded. If you constantly function with no margin of time you never develop those business-booming ideas lurking in the shadows.

You can't afford to remain stagnant. Clear your plate. Bring other people into the mix. Free up your brain space to think creatively.

It's not IF, but HOW you use an outsourced marketing professional

If you own a business that's too small to afford a full time marketing manager, you owe it to yourself to get help from an outside source. Keep these points in mind.

Right sizing is essential: Use someone who has the flexibility to tailor his or her services to the needs of your business. Do you need a collaborative partner to help you think through your options and plan your next steps? A marketing coach might be the perfect solution for you. On the other hand, you might need the skills of someone who rolls up their sleeves and performs the work for which you don't have the time or ability. Find someone reliable who offers a variety of marketing services.

A structured approach lightens your load: You already have too many plates spinning. Some of them might be out of control. The last thing you need is more chaos. You'll find great relief when you use someone who brings order to the table.

How much is it costing you to do it all yourself? Don't put it off any longer. Contact a marketing professional today and find out how you can benefit from outsourcing.

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