Getting the Right Resources on the Bus

Getting the right support at the right time is key to your business success. Check out how our panel of experts answers key questions about asking for and receiving support that propels them forward so they "don't fly alone."
Relationship building expert Glenda Woolley leads a panel discussion asking questions such as:

 1. What is an example of a tipping point in which you decide you need to get help?

Answers and discussions include:

  • When there are more to-do items than you can get done.
  • When I'm avoiding or failing on meeting my vision.
  • Set boundaries for what I am good at and should be focused on and get help for anything that falls outside of that set of boundaries.
  • Sometimes we need to point out to each other that support is needed.
  • When you have a set of opportunities or challenges that paralyze.
  • When there is a revenue shortfall and we need to sell.

2. What is your selection process for what or who to select as a support?

Answers and discussion include:

  • What kids in your family are available.
  • Interns which can be free or low pay.
  • Determining what types of support; this can include psychological, skills, or practical help.
  • Commit to be a reliable resource for others.
  • Set up processes for organizing your help.
  • Use a psychographic profile for your clients and vendors, interns, and others who work with you.
  • We need systems to hand things off to others in order to provide a clear set of procedures for success.
  • Invest extra time to build the systems and teach them so that people are competent.


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