What a Great Question: Game-Changing Communications

What’s the best thing that’s happened? Appreciative inquiry is like enjoying flowers rather than despising weeds in the garden of life.

Einstein says we either live our life as though nothing is a miracle or as though everything is a miracle.

Workplace culture expert Judy Ryan opens her presentation asserting that we each create energy wherever we go and with all we meet. Therefore, we have a responsibility to create a specific type of energy that helps rather than hurts us and others. She makes the following points:

  • Appreciative inquiry is an encouraging communication tool that creates positive outcomes
  • Traditional problem solving vs an appreciative approach and the effects of both
  • Most problem-solving communications cause separation, defensiveness, and negativity
  • Case studies of  how appreciative inquiry is used by people to excel in life
  • We have choices in how we perceive things and can guide our perceptions through questions
  • The role of language in what we create, both positive and negative

Judy Ryan ends her presentation by asking the audience to participate in a brief appreciative inquiry interview in which each shares something for which they are proud. Afterwards she celebrates the positive impacts. Her wrap-up includes powerful appreciative questions that take place in effective sales conversations.


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