Greatest Print Advertisement Ever and How it Can Help You Grow Your Business

You are not selling products and services. You are selling the positive benefits and the emotions people want in life.

Marketing expert Tom Ruwitch opens his presentation by asking about and teaching the audience about the necessity of having a swipe file. He shares an ad he deems brilliant and how the dissection of this ad can help anyone in business. He engages the audience in reviewing what they answer to the question, “What do you sell?” to help each understand that we are not selling products or services. We are selling benefits and the positive outcomes that garner those benefits.He asserts that what separates you from your competition is how you position what you sell. He uses a sample ad to decipher the benefits the ad provides. They include:

  • Increased positive emotional experiences like adventure, romance and excitement
  • Avoidance of negative experiences such as judgment, rejection and humiliation
  • A happy ending to a fairy tale story of overcoming

After you have effectively communicated the above, a great ad requires the following to come next in this order:

  • Why do I choose and buy this?
  • What are the products or services you provide?
  • How do you do this?
  • Proof of effectiveness
  • Offer risk mitigation such as offer a guarantee
  • Focusing on why, your prospects will then hear the follow-up information on how you accomplish delivery of your products and services.
  • Sharing benefits eliminates resistance, defensiveness and separation because it paints a happy ending and increases positive feelings; features are more likely to be resisted

Tom Ruwitch meticulously un-bundles the ways to create a similarly brilliant ad for each person in the audience so they can no longer use drab, mechanical descriptions to help people to buy from them.

For support in defining your content marketing plans and sustainable systems within them, contact expert Tom Ruwich at MarketVolt by phone 314-993-3732 ext 18, by email at or visit his website


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