How do you determine your customer’s needs?

Want to give great service? One way is to quickly identify your customer’s challenges, priorities and needs.

Our panel of experts answers the question: How do you determine your customer’s needs?

From our Experts:

Brian Lunt

I take time to have a personal conversation and get to know them. I ask authentic, caring questions until I gain the understanding of what I could do to make their life easier and better.

Bill Prenatt

Process is key. Over the years, my most effective method to discover customer needs is to ask well-placed, thoughtful questions. This is especially important since customers frequently don't know what they don't know.

I utilize a two-part system to avoid questions being randomly asked/yielding rambling answers:

1. I have a questions library, broken into Strategic, Tactical, Communications, and Competencies questions.

2. I use a concept called E G O, my questions are asked in these categories: Engaging, Genuine Interest, and Opportunities

Judy Ryan

I send out a link to one of several detailed surveys I have on my website. I do this when I have an interested prospect or when I’m asked to do a presentation at an event. People perusing my site also find these surveys. When they take them, this helps me to both educate the prospect on what I do overall and also to gather important information on them to learn about their struggles, challenges, areas they need support and many other ways I can engage in conversation when we meet and even prior to a meeting through additional questions that surface.

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