How Guest Blogging Builds Your Online Credibility

Guest blogging is an easy way to increase the value of your own website.

Imagine every website on the Internet had a value from 1 to 100 dollars. The websites that had no updates, no social interaction, and no ease of use were only worth a few dollars, if that.

The sites consistently updated, with visitor interaction and easy to use, are worth more.

Now imagine the people (or company) that determines your value looked at more than just what you were doing on your website to come up with their evaluation. They also looked at other, similar sites sending them signals to your valuation - links, mentions (citations) and shares.

Those sites, then could determine a portion of the overall value of your site.

And if that were the case, wouldn't it be smart of you if you take advantage of any opportunity to positively influence your sites value? Of course it would.

Guest blogging is a great way to increase your website's value. And being picky about the value of the site you want to guest blog on is just as important.

In the analogy above, wouldn't you agree that a link from a $56 site be better than that of a $12 site? Again, of course you would. So make sure you not only guest blog on other sites, but make sure the ones you choose have established value.

Oh, and allow me to toss one more equation into the mix - the related value to your site. Guest blogging isn't just about finding high value sites and posting an article there - you should also consider the similarity of the two sites. A safety goggles article would be worth much more on Home Depot's website than it would on the equally valuable Bed Bath & Beyond site.

After reading this, you may surmise that getting 4 articles on 4 sites worth $14 each is easier than getting one article on a $56 site -and you'd probably be right. But is the risk worth the reward? Or as I heard this past week - is the juice worth the squeeze? Not usually. There's a reason why those sites are only worth $14 each, and if they aren't following the same process, your site value and your reputation will just be dragged down with theirs.

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