How Much Does a Sales Call Really Cost?

Are you ready for a real shock to your system… (you know the type of ‘wake up’ that makes you shake your head and scream?)

Well, here ya go….

Many companies distributing their goods and services through a direct sales force have never taken the time to determine the cost of each sales call.  Many business owners and professional managers have the vague feeling sales calls are expensive but are always stunned when I help them calculate how big the dollar amount really is.

Here’s a worksheet my clients find very valuable:

Go back and look at that number again – $336.00 PER sales call!

When you know that number, the crushing realization is… No business can afford ‘Professional Visitors’ on their sales team!

Every sales call should have a purpose and an outcome.  Every call should only be with a qualified prospect in which there is a high potential to move the sale forward. Otherwise, you must close the file.

Knowing the cost of a sales call helps you determine how effectively your sales dollars are being spent – and allows you to make appropriate changes.

To get support you need in making every sales call count, contact Allen Minster at 314-315-0679 or


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