How, What and Why Leadership?

Practical neuroscientist Stephen Hager uses a highly witty, playful example of childhood experiences with Santa Claus to communicate keenly how standardization helps people and businesses. He describes how to use new, mindful thinking in order to adopt new behaviors and get new results. In his presentation, he helps participants think about, focus on and improve results, making the connection between what a person thinks and why that is highly related to results.

Stephen cites how the questions Santa Claus asks us as children are valid in helping people to get clear on their values and visions. Have you been good? What do you want? He shows the tie-in between both of these and the importance of them, asserting that when we have a meaningful vision and defined values that are life-giving, we are motivated to choose successful behaviors and reap the rewards that come from them. He is asserting this is the ultimate in leadership. Are you naughty or nice is a question about values. Stephen poses the rhetorical question: do we get better results, feel better and bring out the best in others – when we are naughty or nice?

In this presentation, you also learn about three faces for standardization that must be in priority order:

  • Purpose: Why we do something. What makes it meaningful?
  • Values: How we do it (the naughty or nice model). This is about values.
  • Behavior: What are the best practices that yield the best results?

You learn about a model of scarcity, including thoughts, behaviors and outcomes and how these contrast to thoughts, behaviors and outcomes in a model of abundance.

Stephen concludes his presentation explaining that the programming we receive constantly in the media and in our interactions reinforces a scarcity model. He encourages everyone to make time to plan, think about and create systems and leadership qualities that enable us to operate from abundance thinking. His bottom line: Leadership is considering outcomes you want to experience, behavior you choose that is value-based, so you are using your free will to make great choices that bring about positive results.


Stephen F. Hager is a co-founder of The HADRON Group, Inc, along with Deanna S. Phelps. Hadron is the world’s leading developer of practical neuroscience solutions for entrepreneurial, career, personal, and educational success. Stephen is a lifelong learner, author, public speaker and seminar facilitator. He has dedicated his life to educate and help leaders, teams and organizations live better and less stressful lives through practical neuroscience. You can reach Stephen at; the consolidated web site for The Hadron Group is



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