Keep Pushing – The Real Battle Is Between Your Ears

Things are rarely as bad as they seem.

More importantly, sometimes the win is in the push.

Business and brand strategist Steve Smart asserts the most important business and marketing tool is the one between our ears. He inspires others by expressing the importance and priority in noticing how we think and feel and understanding what to learn from our mental interpretations and self-talk. He encourages we intentionally develop our mental fortitude by remembering:

  • Wins can come in really unexpected ways
  • Entrepreneurship requires perseverance and courage
  • Things are rarely ever as bad as they seem
  • The win is often in the push and the overcoming, preparing us for future success
  • Mental, spiritual, mechanical, and chemical health and agility are crucial
  • Rest, assessing direct and taking personal time are important too
  • Know what you can measure and do so
  • Make sure you have the right people around you

Steve Smart is helpful and believes in high performance. He’s an expert at marketing. Need help with your marketing or business development efforts? Reach out to Steve Smart at


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