Leveraging Facebook Ads For More Exposure

Facebook has over 1.5 billion viewers (so far) with over 1 billion checking in for 20 minutes or more per day! 

Digital marketing automation expert Will Hanke starts by introducing a marketing machine that leverages Facebook to introduce people to your brand and output leads to you. Early on, he reports the incredible volume of users and the average time spent on Facebook daily to drive home the power of using this marketing platform effectively. Will focuses on three key points:

  • Targeting your market: Learn about and how to build personas as a first step so you can identify the exact people you want to reach and understand them as individuals and as a demographic so you can feed the right data into the Facebook process.
  • Vetting your market: Because Facebook observes and responds to each person and their likes. and tracks their interests, they provide a wealth of support to advertisers. When you take time to identify criteria to use for target marketing, and then leverage the power of Facebook, searching by job title, interests, location, behaviors, past visits, and lookalikes, you connect with your perfect customer faster and in greater numbers.
  • Generating leads and ongoing customer connections: Build the strategy and set up the mechanisms to identify, retarget and follow your prospects, using Facebook adds and their framework for quickly segmenting and following your perfect target audience so you can offer them new value and special offers. In this way, you grow your client list quickly and market to them through specialized campaigns and value-added offers.

Will Hanke wraps up his presentation emphasizing that Facebook is a rich source of marketing support, with abundant sorting and access, and set up so you can easily utilize their integrated strategies. Through examples and client stories, Will Hanke helps viewers recognize that the process for marketing through and with Facebook is powerful and affordable, with a small amount of setup and effort. He is encouraging people to recognize it's relatively easy to find your markets quickly, connect with them and easily test and improve your approach. He is guiding many to use technology in conjunction with the power of social platforms in order to achieve an extensive and effective marketing reach.

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