Leveraging Systems to Pursue Goals

Want control, consistency, organization and efficiency? This presentation guides you to see how systems help you achieve abundance, freedom, work/life balance and respect.

Content Marketing expert Tom Ruwitch opens his presentation describing how he applied a social intelligence system that enabled him and his team at MarketVolt to consider a variety of approaches people use for solving problems. They did this with and for their team so that values and ways of operating were not inadvertently violated or neglected. By adopting this human systems process, his organization’s meetings become shorter, easier and of higher quality. He uses this story to springboard into other examples of how he has and continues to use systems to ensure his company and the clients they serve are effective in running, growing and living well in their business too. In this presentation, Tom describes the following examples of a:

RUN System: He shares how he used new systems to improve his customer retention ratings and how facing any and every business problem with a system-based solution inspires innovation.

GROW System: He shares how he used a systems approach to integrate lead generation processes from initial contact through the entire funnel cycle so he and his employees could get prospects into their database and stay on top of who is doing what and how.

LIVE WELL System: He shares a system he created and employs that enables him to personally work productively, in a healthy and balanced manner, and get more done.

Tom Ruwitch cites his many successes to his use of systems and recommends that no matter what systems chosen, it matters that each business owner determine them for how to RUN, GROW and LIVE WELL in the business. He recommends everyone to get support; the people and information to help you create a standardization approach in all areas of your life and work.

For support in defining your content marketing plans and sustainable systems within them, contact expert Tom Ruwich at MarketVolt by phone 314-993-3732 ext 18, by email at tom@marketvolt.com or visit his website www.marketvolt.com



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