Marketing Mistakes Owners Make That Torpedo Their Efforts

Successful marketing requires addressing top priorities first

Adwords specialist and marketing advocate Adam Kreitman opens his presentation with a case study describing a marriage counselor who had a technically sound GoogleAds  strategy and campaign. Still she was not getting good volume or quality leads. Instead of taking over the campaign, he worked on the foundational element of effective messaging to better support her AdWord campaign, which tripled her results. Here are a few key components on this invaluable marketing presentation:

  • Focus on a VERY specific target audience. Identify ideal clients and specifically call them out
  • Focus on one specific problem your ideal client has until you have a successful campaign before moving onto another one.
  • Identify a list of priority challenges or key questions and start with the top one first
  • It’s not about tactics and delivery methods, its about messaging and focus
  • Find a way to name your free offer or assessment to answer this (e.g. “Get my FREE Can My Marriage be Saved? Assessment”)
  • Sell the next step each time (e.g. make the assessment or a meeting the main objective)
  • Track your results
  • Building the foundation allows informs what mechanism to use next

There are no shortage of ways to get the word out about your business, but make sure to build your foundation correctly first so that the tactics you use are effective. For help with all your online marketing needs and questions, contact Adam Kreitman at Words that Click at


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