Master the Art of Connecting and Collaborating

Discover the magic, gifts, possibilities and positive results hidden within every relationship. If you are like most people, you might not consider the significant and powerful ripple effects of connecting and collaborating well with others.

For example, how would I know that helping a personal and business friend and author with a project, might help me find another piece of my life’s work?

Or that my introduction of two friends would connect one to her current business that she bought from a friend of that friend?

Or that the woman helping me put together this blog was someone from my own city St. Louis, who I connected with when we both went to a business conference in California in 1999?

I ask you to CONSIDER the possibility that we never know HOW someone might connect and collaborate with us for OUR good or HOW we might connect and collaborate with them for THEIR good.

Many times we are caught up in the business of business… of doing and going without taking time to reflect on the purpose of a meeting or an event.

Being purposeful and mindful about what you want to create when meeting people can be a crucial key to your success.

I literally say a prayer asking God to guide me to those people I might best serve and I’m working on expanding it to those I might serve who can also serve me. For you it might be a few minutes of meditation to center or prepare yourself to be more outgoing if you tend to be introverted and maybe listening better if you are extroverted.

Here are additional questions to help you prepare:

  1. Begin with the end in mind… What are you going to use to collect and track business cards you receive?
  2. What can you write on each business card to maximize what you learn about each person you meet?
  3. When will the business cards you receive be entered in your database?
  4. When and how will you consider and capture specific ideas for how to serve each (serving vs. selling to them).
  5. When will you reach out (by social media, phone, email or mail) to start strengthening your connection?

By strengthening your system to track your relationships, I PROMISE you can move your relationships from “contacts” to “connections!”

If you would like more ideas, support and information on how to master connecting and collaborating, please let me know! I love to share ideas, information and introductions!

Karen S. Hoffman is the founder of City of Experts, ( an online community to promote expert speakers, authors, coaches and consultants and the founder of Gateway to Dreams, ( helping St. Louis, MO to become known as the community that shares ideas, information and introductions that inspire people to go for their dreams in business, career and life.


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