Nurturing Customer Relationships

Learn how and why specialized experts and business owners create habits to nurture and expand relationships with their existing customers.

Serving customers and setting an intention to create a satisfying experience with them engenders ongoing loyalty and often-extraordinary results. Being grateful and mindful about your customers and attentive to their needs, translates into strong relationships that are mutually positive and supportive. Some likely results: your customers develop business for you. They like you, they trust you, they continue to buy from you and they refer others to you. Most important of all, developing caring habits that keep them happy ultimately make you happy too. Benefit from the experience of our experts who offer you a range of ideas to try out for your benefit and those you serve.

From our Experts:

John Eyres

I like to EMAIL out new and interesting trends I feel would benefit some of my current and past clients. This is a very positive way to help them and help me keep in touch with them. I think they really appreciate the way I send them specific information tidbits they can use in their business.

Cathy Sexton

I send an email every week with a productivity tip of the week that brings value and is quick and easy to read. I get a lot of positive feedback.

Glenda Woolley

I like to give more than my customers are expecting. When opportunities arise to support them in unconventional ways they don’t anticipate, more than a working relationship develops. We also become friends.

Bill Prenatt

Many years ago I had a colleague who said, “Do the best you can and do a little bit more.”

My goal in working with my clients is to make them feel special…like they are my only client in the world. I also want them to trust me deeply.

Doing what I say I’m going to do, when I say I’m going to do it, is important to me. They don’t care what I know unless they know that I care.

These are just a few of the partner responses. 

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