One With The Universe

Dale Furtwengler, author and pricing strategist focuses on a life-changing topic to enable all the viewers to experience extraordinary success by learning how to stay connected to the universe whether you focus on this from a scientific, psychological or spiritual viewpoint. He provides tips so each participant can live more often from a place of joy and ease.

Some of the powerful nuggets covered in his talk include:

  • How to recognize that our subconscious mind is the conduit to the power of the universe but we often don’t have the awareness or know-how for how to utilize it.
  • Learn the differences between the processing power of our conscious mind and subconscious mind as understood by neuroscientists.
  • How we can tap in to and use our subconscious to solve problems, spark new ideas, or discover links our conscious minds can’t normally make.
  • How to tap into the subconscious at will by consciously using its power and asking it how to provide us the support we need through the right type of questions.
  • How to recognize messages sent to us from the universe.
  • The ways we fight our nature, rather than being in cooperation with it.
  • How to engage the universe through the right questions just as we would make an effective query to a computer.
  • How to assign tasks to the universe even when you are very busy.

Dale Furtwengler has been President of Furtwengler and Associates and a business consultant for over 25 years. He is the author of 9 books and is known for his expertise in helping businesses improve their bottom line through confidence and connections, and see evidence as reflected in successful pricing, ease in making improvements and by developing and growing in fun and effective ways. You can learn more about Dale at


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