Planning – No One Size Fits All

We all plan in some manner, but recognizing and appreciating a variety of planning methods can make all the difference in reaching success from many different approaches.


Lori St. Clair, bookkeeping expert opens this presentation describing the methods she uses for planning, including research, writing, using technology such as outlook, teamwork and others tools, gathering a lot of facts and figures, so that she can clarify and build a detailed plan to meet her goals. She outlines a 6-step process she uses for activities that require a sound plan to succeed. Her plan includes:

  1. Determine current situation
  2. Develop goals, including consideration all details
  3. Identify alternative courses of action
  4. Evaluate alternatives, reviewing key factors, including risks and resources needed for each
  5. Create and implement the action plan
  6. Review and revise the plan

Benefits of Lori's plan include:

  • A plan eliminates and reduces stress and anxiety
  • Keeps me on track

Her cautions include:

  • Over-planning can keep you from execution

Next, contrarian, author and innovative thinker Dale Furtwengler presents an alternative planning approach. He calls it his 30/60/90 Day process. His approach looks like this:

  • 0-30 Days – Picks a direction and moves in that direction
  • 31-60 Days – Make course corrections based on what I learned in days 0-30, and continue moving
  • 61-90 Days – Make further course corrections based on what I learned in days 31-60, and continue moving forward. Then repeat when a new plan of action is needed.

The benefits related to Dale’s method is that your mind is free of doubt, fear and anxiety.

These are very different styles and are not interchangeable. What they have in common is that you know you have planned enough when your mind is free of doubt, fear and anxiety and have peace, and confidence to move forward effectively. Both Dale and Lori agree that when people are collaborating, they must recognize the various styles in the mix and look at how to satisfy the needs of one another through effective dialogue and mutual respect. Sharing a common end goal and deadlines are important to focus on for success regardless of very different planning approaches.

Dale Furtwengler is author of the internationally acclaimed book, Pricing for Profit as well as six additional books. His company, Furtwengler & Associates, Inc., helps companies get higher prices regardless of what their competitors or the economy are doing. For more pricing/branding/marketing/sales tips visit his website,

Lori St. Clair is Owner of On Target Bookkeeping Services and is committed to helping business owners who wish to outsource their bookkeeping tasks or as a valued resource to counsel clients when they need customized solutions to managing their finances. To get help, contact Lori at


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