Powerful Success Strategies to Ignite Productivity

Be P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L. in Your Productivity!

Productivity expert Cathy Sexton opens her presentation introducing her book 52 Powerful Success Strategies to Ignite Productivity and describes productivity as a factor that affects everything in our lives, including the quality and quantity of time, energy and money we have available. She handpicks a few of her key strategies to support viewers seeking to improve their productivity. They include tips for being…

P is for Productivity Style: How to work authentically by focusing on who you are, how you make decisions, what type of person you are. Cathy describes these components.
O is for Organization: How to manage clutter and space and what activities might help with physical, mental, social, financial, and digital clutter.
W is for Willingness to Do Things Differently: How to recognize where and when to take a new action.
E is for Email Overload: How to manage emails to make it easy for you and your email recipients.
R is for Reducing Procrastination: How to use a 5 minute rule to overcome procrastination
F is for Focus: How to stay focused despite interruptions, detours and challenges.
U is for Utilization: How to manage time, energy and money so you spend all of them wisely.
L is for Leveraging Resources: How to employ technology and delegation effectively so you make the greatest progress possible with the least expenditure of energy, stress and expense.

Cathy Sexton is founder and CEO of The Productivity Experts and a nationally recognized expert and speaker on productivity. To gain further support and information, contact Cathy at cathy@theproductivityexperts.com or 314 267-3969


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