Rise above your competition with your cold calling program!

One important key to making cold calls is understanding the concept of CORE vs. NICHE.  

What is it about your company that differentiates you from your competitors? There are basic core services most company’s cover internally and there are niche services smart businesses outsource to help them with their various internal needs.


As a business owner or sales person, you want to promote your business describing your niche services; those special offerings where you distinguish yourself as the expert in your field so it’s easy for prospects to hand over those tasks to you. Clients who outsource to you for that expertise will do so if they are convinced it is more cost effective for them to do so than engage in this service internally.

To compete effectively in your niche, you need to establish 5 Specific Selling Differentiators (SSDs) to use in your cold-calling program. Write down your list of 5 SSDs and be specific and strategic about how they represent the best of your company.  Here is an example of my list:

  1. BCC uses a virtual office environment vs. a large cubicle desk calling center environment.

  2. Our talented team members have skill sets in phone calling, personally trained by John Eyres.

  3. We like talking to people on the phone, we are passionate about what we do, and we excel at helping other companies succeed. Our success is your success!

  4. Our calling voices come across with a smile; our tone is caring, concerned and courteous, and it makes a difference.

  5. We have a proven calling methodology that given time, is proven to accomplish your telemarketing goals.

Establish your own 5 Specific Selling Differentiators (SSDs)

  1. (i.e. How does my product or service solve a particular need?)

  2. (i.e. How is it delivered in a unique way?)

  3. (i.e. What good do I cause?)

  4. (i.e. What best practices am I current in?)

  5. (i.e. What values do we operate by that serve our clients?)

Use your 5 SSDs as selling points for niche areas you provide. Work to identify the niche opportunities to supplement your prospects internal capabilities in your calling program.

Three ways you may offer niche services include;

  1. Economies of scale: you produce the product/service more cost effectively, offering a total cost solution; and you have expertise in that area to improve profitability of their organization.

  2. Risk of technological obsolescence: technology today is changing at an ever-increasing rate, and you offer outsourcing with the latest technology benefits.

  3. Use the corporate burden rate: this reflects the total cost of an employee; salary, health care benefits, office space with equipment, higher level of supervision, and paid sick days which adds extra expenses to cover temporary employee hired manpower.

Once you have written your 5 SSDs, I recommend following a very simple voice mail campaign once per week. (This can be used for the hard to reach top management levels)

Call the prospect leaving a voice mail message each week using your 5 SSDs:

  • Call 1  Use your basic introduction message

  • Call 2  Message references SSD 1

  • Call 3  Message references SSD 2

  • Call 4  Message references SSD 3

  • Call 5 Message references SSD4

  • Call 6 Message references SSD5

This method of being able to differentiate your company with CORE vs. NICHE can really work well if you plan out the technique very strategically. Ask other team members for their suggestions to get the best possible differentiators. This is a solid selling tool to use over the phone.

For more information about “Cold Calling to Prospects” visit my website www.busconcon.com or contact John Eyres at 314-495-2089.


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