Selling Well Automatically

Most sales books are obsolete. Sales expert Bill Prenatt says, Rather than manipulate and game-play, be authentic, take interest in your prospects and seek meaningful ways to provide them value.

Bill Prenatt, opens his April 2016 presentation on effective salesmanship by sharing what he’s learned over 56 years. He admits he has learned a lot from trial and error and that he learned to master his craft largely by trial and error, fine-tuning and keeping what works and letting the rest go. In this presentation which is packed full of great information, he covers the following:

• The salesmanship principal ABMNF – Always Be Making New Friends
• Determine to take an interest in and apply yourself to needs and wants of people so you are committed to be value-able to others
• Apply G-Myth Power, the magical combination of ample technical knowledge, plus systems to support action, plus persuasive ability
• The importance of confidence and bringing the best version of yourself no matter what
• Make sure selling is always your top priority
• Understanding and tracking sales numbers that are key to your success
• The importance of using a growth sales and marketing system so you move people from cold, to warm, to hot and then to boiling fans
• The specific steps for making successful sales calls
• The importance of researching the buyer roles before you show up on a sales call so you are talking about the right things when with an economic buyer, user buyer or technical buyer
• The role of open-ended EGO questions (engage questions, interest questions, and opportunity questions) and examples of each
• The crucial commitment to focus on benefits to your clients, not features of your products or services because people buy on emotions not facts
• The steps to handle resistance effectively rather than be discouraged or shut down by it
• Experiment until you find what works and discard what does not

Bill ends his presentation emphasizing the same thing he did in the beginning: steps to success in sales include having fun, being authentic and being valuable to others, rather than trying to sell something. Then, you will find that selling is exciting, and serving clients is like helping friends.

E4e founder, Owner of Simply Successful, LLC, and long-time sales expert Bill Prenatt facilitates comprehensive programs such as this presentation because of his commitment to provide a breadth of resources to best help businesses grow, run and be healthy. Business owners and entrepreneurs hire Bill Prenatt because of his proven track record in sales and his ability to create strong results while maintaining strong relationships. For further information and to contact him, he can be reached at or 636-484-0208