SMB Mobile Integration

If I were to throw out the term cyborg your mind would probably paint a picture of a half robot, half human being. You might specifically think of the Hollywood interpretations’ over the years, such as Robocop or Star Trek’s version simply called Borgs.


These figments came from the minds of science fiction elite and captured our imaginations as to what might be ahead in the future of human kind. We marveled at the possibility of augmenting our intelligence and our physical abilities through advanced technology. The forward thinking of the writers was most notable in their ability to integrate the most advanced technologies imaginable and package them in a believable way. The problem with the translation into reality is the seemingly slow progression our technological advancements take to enable us to reach those milestones.

You might be wondering how science fiction fits into your small business mobile presence. I admit the anecdotal relevance is a bit over the top but I am trying to showcase how the progression of technological advancement creeps into daily use almost unassumingly and then becomes relied upon. Many to most of us are at the point of dependency with our mobile devices and if you don’t believe me, simply leave your cell phone, tablet, or laptop at home. If you don’t find yourself reaching for a quick shot of email, text messaging, or Angry Birds, then I guess you’re O.K.

The fact is the world is a much bigger and slower place without mobile technology and I am not advocating for or against integration of it into your company. What I would tell you is don’t try to find a need to move to tablets if it is not there and contrarily, if there is a clear business benefit for transition to mobile, don’t ignore the opportunity.

My direct intentions for informing you on this topic is to make you aware mobile technology is here to stay, and it is absolutely crucial to most of our daily lives. Mobile technology is a large contributor to our increased productivity and is being used in your small business everyday with or without a business strategy.  An important question I pose to you is do you have a business strategy for mobile technology?

 For most of us, mobile devices have initially been masked as gadgets and novelties, yet here we are, beginning a new year and as a technology advisor I am presented with overwhelming client interest in cloud technology and am beginning to see mobile technologies taking over traditional work force computing.

I am heralding those of you who have not taken inventory of your technology and do not have a strategic plan in place for the mobile revolution. Be advised, your traditional outlook on technology use in the dusty stationary office is over. Your information is traveling at the speed of light all around the world. With 70% of your company’s intellectual property flowing through email alone, it is no wonder why thieves tend to target mobile devices more frequently. So, I’ll say it again. Do you have a mobile strategy? Can you safely say your company would know exactly what to do in case of a mobile device theft or loss accident?

Here are some things to consider if you have not already done so.

  1. Determine what devices are acceptable for company use. This is especially important if you do not provide company owned devices.
  2. Set a minimum level of security restrictions on the mobile device, such as lockout time, passwords, time frame to sync information, and what information can be synced.
  3. Set rules with your employees on what type of information can be stored on mobile devices, most notably email.
  4. Determine the mitigating actions necessary when (not if) a device is lost or stolen.  Will you remote wipe your device, use GPS location, and disable accounts?
  5. Finally, produce a written policy amendment for mobile device use in your current IT/IS company policy.

You and your employees can enjoy the benefits of mobile integration into the workplace, you just need to understand the risks and be prepared with a contingency plan when things go wrong.

For help with all your mobile and other technology needs and questions, contact me at Alliance Technologies LLC


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